Update + Rubenesque + Giveaway

Hi all,

Just a quick note of what I’ve been doing. I’ve been finishing book 3 of my Cape Falls series. This is Amy’s story and I’m loving the man who wants her. Also, those pesky Steer brothers are causing some chaos in my quaint little town, which I’m hoping you will love. Once I’ve finished this, I’ll be moving onto the next book in, The Sinclair Men series.

I also want to say a big thank you to everyone who loved, His Possession. This book was my first full length piece and has been doing really well at other sites such as; Bookstrand, All Romance e-books and Amazon.


Rubenesque / Possessive Men

This is the main area that I write. I love writing about full-figured women as I’m a full woman myself. I find I can spill so much emotion into these kind of books because I’ve been through the insecurity, the exercising and the madness of food counting. So, for me, writing in the rubenesque area comes naturally to me. I love reading about full-figured women and possessive men and these are the two that I love to combine in my stories.

When I write a story, I feel like I get transported to an entirely new world where anything is possible. All that holds me back is time, as the words flow out of my onto the page. Creating characters, towns and circumstances is one of my true pleasures and has become a passion over the years. Possessive men in real life could be a pain in the butt, however, when you read a story there is always that element of fantasy and I love to think of a man who would take charge and be the way women want. Lets face it, the reason I adored Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey was because of his possessiveness towards Ana.

These are the books I love and hope to keep creating in the future. I have lots of notebooks filled with story ideas and I hope to be able to show you them all in the future.


So, I’ve had a couple of new releases and they’ve done really well. I want to do a giveaway. What I want you to do is leave a comment on this post on why you love to read erotic romance or romance. That’s all.

I will be giving away one e-book copy of, His Possession, Love, Death and Justice, and Blaze’s Second Chance.











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30 thoughts on “Update + Rubenesque + Giveaway

  1. Chelsea Beck says:

    I have no real romance in my life. So when I read a good book I can become the characters and live thru them.

  2. I have been reading romance since I was a teen. I think it’s all about the chase. I love seeing how they work out all their “crap” to have a HEA! I don’t care what genre, subgenre, or what, as long as there’s love in there. I love a good love story. Lately I have been really into erotic romance. I learned I like it better even steamier! *wink*

  3. I am the same, I love to read as well as write about romance especially when the heroine is Rubenesque. I myself am a full figured gal and I love to read as well as write about stuff I know. So I can totally understand how the words might flow because of what you’ve experienced. Plus whenever I read a good story, I love how it transforms me into their world and being able to be a part of that world. I love how it grabs you and keeps you there from the beginning to the end. That’s what makes for a great story.

    Jamallah Bergman

  4. Bronwyn says:

    Why I like to read romance books? Well they are my favourite genre because most if not all have a happy ending. I like a book of substance where the characters don’t just have it easy all the way. It’s a chance to escape into a world that is as sweet as it is poignant. a powerful alpha male fighting and taking his place with woman he wants. Nothing quenches for thirst for passion more.

  5. Shauna says:

    Why I like erotic romance? Ohhh, I like this one. I like that the books have more variation than standard print romances. You’d never find as many MFM books or rubenesque books on the shelves at Barnes and Noble. An author would really have to work up to writing something non-standard with a standard publisher. And as much as I like the variation, I love that the intrinsic romance promise of a happy ending is still there. Ten years ago my favorite authors were all print book authors, now the majority are erotic romances that come out as e-books first.

  6. I love romance. With 3 young children, its very difficult to make the switch from being mum to being “wife” I find. However, when I read a romance, I can lose myself in the emotions of the heroine being swept off her feet by this amazing man and it helps unlock the wife feelings in me.

  7. Carole says:

    Erotic romance. Wicked thoughts to fill the mind during day to routine. Sometimes a learning curve. Do people really do that? Come on imagination, flow into my world. Best of all, ordinary women like me with a super sexy man who thinks they’re perfect. I don’t like erotic romance. I love it.

  8. Vicky Tarleton says:

    I have been reading romance novels for over 40 years. I’m also a full figured lady and love to see men who can appreciate women like me. The hotter the better as far as I’m concerned.

  9. I’m a single mom with two teenagers and no real life, so I suppose I also live vicariously through the characters in the romances that I read. I love a good romance, especially erotic romances, but I want it to also have a good, well-written story with characters I can relate to.

  10. Monica Rivera says:

    The reason I love reading erotic romance books? Its my way of escaping for a little while. As we all know LIFE IS HARD. We all have difficulties, hardships at home and work. When a GOOD author describes an exotic location, you can imagine it. The feelings of the couple’s ups and downs, you feel it. BUT when a GREAT author can make you cry during an emotional part, that is truly an amazing, gifted author!!

  11. Hi Sam,
    I love Erotic Romance because it gives the whole package not just fluff but real issues that would come up in a real relationship — love your writing especially Rubenesque — Thanks for the give-away it is so appreciated ( living in Canada I can only get your books through Chapters/Indigo and they do get them eventually but it takes longer for them to get your new releases — they are worth the wait but it would be nice to get them earlier —
    Keep up the great work


  12. wendy says:

    Hi Sam,
    I gave your question a lot of thought and I have come up with this, I have a husband who hates vacations we have been married for 25 years and I can count three vacations we always had a great time but he thinks it is a waste of money LOL. So to me my books are my vacations, they take me away for a while to a world where i get to meet different people and go into their lives for a while. I travel all over in my mind and that satisfies me for now.

  13. Leoane Bryan says:

    I read romance books because I love the connection between a man and a woman, A love that absolutely refuses to die and The knowledge that there is at leat one person in the world who love you totally and completely no matter your flaws.
    That why I read romance books

  14. Romance Reader Enthusiast says:

    Erotic romances turn up the heat. I heard on the news this week that some men got together and burned some copies of “50 shades…” The wives wanted to act out some scenes from the book and the husbands felt that they couldn’t live up to the characters. I would think the husbands would be happy that the wives wanted to have sex with them. instead of looking elsewhere.
    I also love to read Rubenesque. Most women can’t live up to model status. I’d rather read about real women.


  15. Tracy Meadows says:

    I love reading anything that is a well thought out story. I do love the Rubenesque cause I myself am one. But really as long as its a great story or a great author i am all over it. It’s a great way to escape the pressures that are going on in your life. I wish i had the talent to do something like that.

  16. Pammie says:

    I love reading erotic romance because it brings back feelings and memories of when I was a much younger age. And I will admit it, it gives my 37 yr. marriage a “jump-start” in the bedroom. BTW, I love the concept of full-figured lead ladies.

  17. Rhonda D says:

    I love erotic romance. I love the strong alpha men, the conflict and definitely the HEA. You are a new author for me. I can’t wait to read your books as I am a full figured woman as well. 🙂

  18. Wendy says:

    It makes my heart race, brain a little foggy and romance books help me enjoy my hubby a little more… And in turn he leaves me to read so he can enjoy the “new hubby time” to lol

  19. Nazyah says:

    I enjoy romance novels because of the depth of emotions both good and bad– and how the characters’ flaws can get them to a happy ending… eventually

  20. Kim Phan says:

    I love a good romance because I love the happy ever after type ending, where relationships are hard, but always get resolved in the end.
    Thanks for the giveaway! ~Kim

  21. laura says:

    I love good romances. It gives me a chance to escape reality for awhile. I love the emotions both good and bad. I always hope for a happy ending. I love a book that drwas you in and doesnt let up to the end. Good romances gives me a chance to live a fantasy.

  22. rubyswan says:

    Hello Ms. Crescent,
    I purschased HIS POSSESSION & I MUST say..I was delightfully Plezzzed..!!! ThanQ,thanQQQ!!!Cadeon/the hero is my kinda guy I adore reading about:D..wen all was said & done the full circle came tog. blend,jellied I certainally relaxed & chilled while story came tog. Enterament at Best,it was amazing 2 me..Super cool! I’m excite 2 Read MORE of ur Bk. Could U plezzzzzze tell me if NATE, Kevin & Rebecca’s Story is coming??! ThanQ 4 ur gift sharing..all the best 2 U!!!

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