Weekend Giveaway

Hi All,

Today is Friday and it is almost the end of June and I feel like doing a giveaway. I’ve had several releases the last few weeks and want to offer several people the chance to win a copy. So, what do I have to offer today?

Well, first up is, Shades of Grey. This was co-written by Natalie Dae and came out on Monday. 

She’s everything Travis Williams has ever wanted, but with murder in the cards, will the hunky shifter succeed in claiming Sarah French as his?

Travis Williams has steadily fallen in love with ranch owner, Sarah French. She’s sexy as sin, beautiful inside and out, stubborn…and as spirited as one of her feistiest horses. She’s going to be hard to tame, but if anyone has the balls to do it, Travis does. After all, he wants to win her and win her good—by loving the Texan bones of her and taking her to heights she’s never been before.

Sarah French has a problem—she sees things in only black and white and doesn’t trust men. Though she employs all males on her ranch, it doesn’t mean she has to like them. An only child, she’s grown up feeling inferior since her mother died while giving birth to a much-wanted son. All her life, Sarah has vowed to be as good as-or better than-any man, and no one will persuade her otherwise. She’s strong, she’s tough, and she’s obstinate as all get out.

However, her icy façade is about to be melted, because not only Travis has her in his sights as a potential bed-mate, local bad-boy Clark James has made it clear he’ll take Sarah whatever way he can…including by force.

With her emotional walls tumbling around her, the suspicion that the man she loves is a wolf, and Clark making her cringe at every turn, Sarah must learn that not everything is so clear cut. Sometimes, you have to look at the world in shades of grey.

My first release with Siren, The Unbreakable Trio

Claire Martin, Shane Cook, and Liam Turner had been best friends all of their lives. Nothing could separate them. When Claire starts looking for work outside of the comfy town of Long Mead, Shane and Liam know they have to act or they could risk losing her forever.

Giving her a job as a housekeeper at their ranch seems the only solution. They want to keep her close and try to seduce her.

Claire has a secret. Her feelings for Shane and Liam have changed. She doesn’t just want to be their friend, nor does she want only one of them. She wants them both.

A dark secret between Shane and Claire threatens to destroy any possible future between them.

Can these three friends overcome their fears and embrace a future with each other? Or will the unbreakable trio stumble at the first hurdle?

And finally my current Evernight Publishing Title, Claiming His Wife

Opal Shaw has loved Tony Hunt for as long as she can remember. However, he is older than her and her brother’s best friend.

Two years have passed since he saved her from a loveless marriage. When she catches sight of an article comparing her to one of his women, Opal knows it’s time to bring their marriage to an end.

Slapped with divorce papers, Tony refuses to sign them. He has stayed away from his wife because of his own demons. Tony wants a second chance to prove their marriage was meant to be.

Tony Hunt will not take no for an answer. No one is going to stop him from claiming his wife.

All you need to do is follow my blog, leave a comment and tell which book you’d like the most. That is all. 

Happy Friday.

Sam x

33 thoughts on “Weekend Giveaway

  1. wendy says:

    Sam just leave which on I want I want them all LOL and since I have two of them I will have to go with the one being released on Monday Shades of Gray it sounds like a great book. I have enjoyed reading your books I was looking at your list and I believe I have successfully read all of them. Have a great weekend and thanks for doing a give a way.

    • Hi Wendy,

      Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comment. Do you have a favourite? Keep stopping by as I have several books releasing in the next few months. The muse has hit.

      Good luck.

      Sam x

  2. Bronwyn says:

    Sam you are an amazing author! I can’t wait for your new releases. I can’t wait to read Claiming his Wife. The cover art is great and I love a story where a man fights for his woman.

  3. Hi Sam — love your work and appreciate the give a way — I would have to choose claiming his wife as I have read the rest of the series and have been waiting for Tony and opals story — Not sure about the three some but am looking at shades of Grey — You are very talented and am looking forward to future titles


  4. Belinda G says:

    Sam, you know I had to stop by and leave my 2 cents. 🙂

    I want them all! But since you say I have to choose 1, I’m leaning toward Claiming his wife. I want to know why this saint (?) of a man married her and why it’s taking him and her so freakin long to realize they love each other! Sounds like a yummy read!

    I am a sad case… wanting to read every book as soon as I read the blurbs…sigh.. I swear my TBR list is miles long! However, I am determine to read them all. LOL..I have this image of them finding me in a chair somewhere holding my Nook…an angel at the pearly gates keeps calling my name and I keep saying..”ok in a minute..I just want to finish this chapter!” Hey, stop laughing! It’s so possible. 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity Sam!

  5. chrisbails says:

    All 3 books sound great. The shades of grey or the unbreakable trio sound the best. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Shauna says:

    Ohhhh what a great weekend giveaway! Since I already bought claiming his wife and the unbreakable trio, I’d love shades of grey. I really enjoyed claiming his wife and am the unbreakable trio is next in the to be read list.

    Any updates on the next story in the Valentines? If the creative juices are taking you in a different direction that’s great too, just curious. :).

    • Hi Shauna,

      I’m working through Adam’s story with the intention of resubmitting it. I needed to make some altercations but as soon as I know more I will let you know. It is my intention to complete the series.

      thank you for asking.

      Sam 🙂

  7. Teresa Kleeman says:

    Hi Sam,
    All three really sound great, however if I should win I would love Shades Of Gray. I love my shifters. Best to you on all your book sales.


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