Free Read Part 4

Hi all,


I didn’t know if I’d posted it here and with my life being particularly hectic right now, I figured I’d post again.

I’ve started doing a free read every Friday with Secret Cravings publishing. The theme is the piece will be running for 13 weeks and at the end I’m hoping to have a full story as a conclusion.

Here is some more and the Free Read buy Link.

Aaron Rogers is the most popular guy in school. He’s athletic, smart and has the biggest crush on nerdy Naomi Mason. Breaking away from the peer pressure he asks her out to prom. Naomi can’t believe her luck and accepts his invitation. The prom date is the start of a summer they’ll never forget until Aaron has to leave to go to college.

One thought on “Free Read Part 4

  1. Tiffany says:

    Will you be finishing Unexpected Consequences of Summer? I got it off of Secret Cravings, but only make it to about Part 12 and then it ends….I would really like to know how it ends.
    Thanks bunches!

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