Dangerous Men, Dangerous Places: Lyncee Shillard

Please welcome, on my blog

Please tell us, for those that don’t know, a little about yourself?

My daytime job is working with the serve emotional impaired in a self-contained building k-12. I live in Northern Michigan and hate snow…but I love the lakes. I live less than 2 miles from Lake Michigan and have three inland lakes less than 5 miles away.

What is your story about, for the Dangerous men, Dangerous Places anthology?

The title is Taking a Risk. Everyone tells my heroine, Leigh, she is the poster child for boring. The every reason for her recent break-up. Her friend talks her into booking an adventure exploration in the Amazon….well, there’s the hot hero…there’s bugs…and there’s gun toting drug dealers. And Leigh takes a risk….

What inspired you to write this story?

I could set it in warm South America…I played a tropical sound track to drown out the blowing snow outside by window.

Tell us about your future writing projects?

I also write fantasy young adult and have book three in my series coming out this year so I’m polishing that. I’m also working on a hot adult Christmas series 😉

Where can we find you?

If it’s warm on the beach…if it’s cold snuggled under a thick blanket….on the web, Lynceeshillard.com

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