New Cover Alert

Hi all,   It is Monday and I forgot to show you all my lovely new cover so here it is. Belonging to the Steer Brothers which is part of my new Cape Falls series.     Blurb   Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values. When Anna Myer’s parents died in aContinue reading “New Cover Alert”

Guest: A J Jarrett

Set Me On Fire Happy Saturday! I hope everyone’s weekend is going well. My name is AJ and Sam was nice enough to let me come visit today and talk about a little book I’ve got being released today titled Set Me On Fire. It’s being released through Silver Publishing and its part of theirContinue reading “Guest: A J Jarrett”

New Release: Crossing Boundaries

Hi all, today is release day of the first book in my new series, Cape Falls. Crossing Boundaries  Cape Falls, 1 Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values. Laura Cox is twenty years old and in love with a man older than her. Dean Riley has a broken past. He moved to CapeContinue reading “New Release: Crossing Boundaries”

The Valentines: Robert

Hi everyone, While I’m constantly trying to think of new ideas to make this blog a little more interesting, I’m going to post the update as The Valentines: Robert has just been sent out to third distribution sites. Before I do that, is there any suggestions of what you’d like to see? I’ve thought ofContinue reading “The Valentines: Robert”

Guest: Adonis Devereux

May I welcome fellow Evernight Publishing author, Adonis Devereux  I don’t believe in writer’s block. Never have, never will. At least not the kind of writer’s block I hear a lot of people complain about. I get the impression that they think writer’s block is some mystical forcefield keeping them from their writing, like it’sContinue reading “Guest: Adonis Devereux”