Contract and Coming Soon

More exciting news.

Evernight publishing accepted another story earlier this week and contracts have been signed and sent. The title is called Crossing Boundaries and I’m hoping to turn it into a series of stand alone books but based in the same town.


I had a story accepted for an Anthology by Pink Petal Books and that is up on the coming soon page of their website. My title is called, Dangerous Place for love and will be part of the Dangerous Men, Dangerous Places Anthology.


Coming Soon.

The Valentines: William is up on the coming soon page of Total-E-Bound.

Contract of Shame the second book in my Unlikely Love series is also up on the coming soon page of Evernight Publishing.


What I’m working on:

The Valentines: Rose

Tony’s Story (book 3 Unlikely Love)

Untitled piece for Secret Cravings.


So there is a quick update from me. Take care and have a wonderful Sunday


Sam x


4 thoughts on “Contract and Coming Soon

  1. Hi Sam,
    Congrats on the new contract — love your work and can’t wait for contract of shame but in the meantime I’m so excited that chapters has started to carry your books in Canada and I just got office hours so as soon as everyone goes to sleep ( so I won’t be disturbed – lol ) I will start on that ” I think I have a late night ahead of me ” again congrats

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