Friday Teaser: Dawne Prochilo

 Divorcee and owner of the VW Club, Callie Ludington is through with men and their selfish ways. She wants someone in her life but she’s not sure she can handle the egotistical men surrounding her. She needs someone different. Someone who appreciates her and what she has to offer. Her fellow VW Club friends are always asking her for dating advice but she can never heed her own words. So when she turns to Sammi, a VW Club server, Callie gets more than she bargained for. Their privates chats turn into more than talk.
Can Callie fight the urges she has towards Sammi? And what happens when Sammi gives Callie an indication of interest? .


“Anything I can help with? You know…” Sammi licked her lips. “Is there something I can help you sort out?”
Sammi watched her chew on her lower lip. It was so fucking hot.
“What can I do to help?” She moved her face closer so her breath skimmed Callie’s cheek. In response, Callie shut her eyes and released a long sigh. “Tell me, Callie. What can I do?”
“Kiss me.”
The words came out as a whisper but Sammi needed no more urging. She lowered her mouth to Callie’s. The sweetness of Callie’s lips slammed into Sammi and she moaned in pleasure. Callie’s mouth opened slightly allowing her tongue entrance. The acceptance overpowered Sammi as Callie reciprocated the act, and her tongue swept inside Sammi’s mouth.
Sammi reached up, grabbing a handful of Callie’s blonde hair in her fingers. She pulled Callie’s head closer, deepening the kiss. She heard Callie groan. Taking this as a positive sign to continue, Sammi placed one hand on Callie’s neck, massaging the sensitive area between her neck and shoulder.
Callie’s body squirmed under her touch. She grappled for Sammi’s breasts, kneading the ample bosom like a skilled lover. Sammi released her hair and lowered her hand, sliding over her trim waist and hip. Her hand drifted toward Callie’s crotch, the denim she wore was rough on her hands but Sammi knew what was underneath would be soft and smooth.
With both her hands, she reached down and unbuttoned Callie’s jeans. The movement caused Callie to gasp in between kisses. Sammi lowered the zipper, inching one hand between Callie’s skin and her silky panties. Her fingers edged down. Feeling a snatch of hair, she advanced lower. She needed to feel her wetness between her fingers.

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