Guest: Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne
      Which do you think is hotter? What if you combined the concept and had a little of both? Have you ever tried a tasty ménage? Come on ladies, you know you want a naughty taste. And for a man – I don’t think I’ve ever talked to a man that didn’t admit even sheepishly that his greatest fantasy was to have two women. Now imagine being on an island where all men seem to be perfectly carved with sun kissed skin and nothing on their minds buts finding the fantasy of passion while they’re on vacation with their buddies. I am very lucky writing erotic romance because I have to do plenty of research. (my evil grin is growing) All kidding aside, for a loving relationship that is either completely monogamous or a kinkier couple that regularly enjoys a third, it can be a tremendously exciting experience and something that spices up your love life.
     I enjoy allowing my characters to experiment with many aspects of eroticism including voyeurism, public displays and copious uses of toys. I also have them delve into steamy clubs that cater to sex and glorious bouts of BDSM, but my absolute favorite tasty treat is either a threesome or even a foursome. What is so exciting about it to me is the ability for a couple to trust in their relationship enough to bring someone else into their bedroom. Let’s face it, we all have fantasies and hungers that go beyond our everyday life and that’s completely okay in my book.
     It’s not cheating even if you desire another man or woman. It’s simply exploring the notion that you want to try something highly erotic. Going further without your partner’s complete okay is another thing entirely here and we’re not going there. I am talking about developing a passionate evening or weekend in which you draw that third person into your life. Can you honestly tell me that there isn’t another man or woman you wouldn’t enjoy tasting if the opportunity magically appeared? Uh huh…be honest here. I’ll say it, hell yeah. And yes, when I was single I enjoyed experimenting and my special man trusted me enough to share me with…a couple others. I completely enjoyed several men pleasuring me everywhere and in every way.
     Now what if you were trying desperately to get over a broken heart? Perhaps you were tossed to the curb or you found her husband in bed with perhaps a younger version of you? Maybe you have a girlfriend who is determined to get you over the jerk and finds a diary where you list out all your most sordid desires including craving being dominated and your hunger for not just one man but three – who also happen to enjoy sharing passion. Doesn’t that sound like something HOT in the making? Well as with all good stories there is more than one damning secret. Let’s take a taste of Unleashed – where one woman knows what she wants – she’s just terrified to ask for it.
When your heart is broken but your fantasies burn within you – can you let go?
Ariana Tempest’s divorce from her abusive husband wasn’t even final but Randi knew that she had to bring her best friend out of her depression. Stealing her diary, Randi learned about her cravings for kinky acts and her lust for three men. Chaz, Shane and Galen had been their friends for years. They were professionals, roommates and secret lovers. Determined to make Ariana’s fantasies come true, she enlisted the help of the men through blackmail. Unfortunately she had no idea how many demons she unleashed.
Galen Patterson hid from the man he used to be, a past so horrendous he was unable to admit the truth. When faced with the game and Ariana’s need to become a submissive, controlled by a Master, he wasn’t certain he could handle returning to his private hell. After being convinced by his lovers that this would help in the healing process they entered into a single night of sexual exploration and a beginning. But was it the beginning of the end?
Ariana allowed herself to explore his most hidden desires, hungering for more. That is until the nefarious game was revealed. Hurt at their betrayal, she raced home only to find her soon to be ex, Nick waiting inside, begging for forgiveness but his beast hid just below the surface. Little did she know that dark secrets threatened all of them in ways that could haunt her for the rest of her life. Would she believe Nick or the man she’d fallen in love with?
      “Okay, here’s the daily sinful question for you hunky men and you’re under my command to answer.” Randi Shilow glared at the three extraordinary gorgeous males hovering around the living room couch and sighed. Given the fact they were ignoring her, she had a terrible feeling her secret mission wasn’t going to be easy to secure and she had to help her best friend. She just had to. The poor girl had been through so much and was little more than a shell of her former self. Please listen to me. Please help. “Guys, here goes. So my studly, desirable and insanely good looking best male friends love to fuck, right?” A grin spread across her face as she gazed out at the warm late afternoon glow. The scent of the ocean spray and the wisp of the calming breezes made her sinful thoughts all that much more delicious. But would they hear her and understand?  In her mind Galen, Diego and Chaz were the only souls who might be able to pull Ariana out of her private hell.
     “What darlin’?” Diego glanced in her direction, barely looking up from his laptop. The music of the wild pulsing dance music vibrated across the coffee table, bouncing against the walls and the disco drumbeat had him tapping his foot.
     Randi cleared her throat and turned her gaze in the direction of the tall chocolate wonder who had moved to the other side of the room. No reaction. Figures. Clenching her fist she counted to ten before raising her voice. “Hey! I need men that know how to make love, correction, fuck with wild abandon. I also need men who know how to treat a lady. Does that fit any of you in this room?”
     “What sweetie? You need something?” Galen tossed his long dreadlocks and flashed her a smile, yet he was busy making a drink behind the bar, oblivious to her wild statement.
      Okay, now this is indeed not going well. Time to kick up the heat. She sashayed closer, and glared down at Diego, shaking her head. Resisting the urge to rip the cold piece of machinery out of his hands Randi growled. Diego Cartera was normally the one she could go to in this kind of situation. An exotic club owner, he was usually hungry for anything erotic and the man loved kinky uninhibited sex, but tonight his mind was elsewhere. Galen Patterson, the doctor in the house was dark and dangerous and had little time for frivolity but still, no reaction? She hadn’t anticipated this at all. Time to pull out the big guns.
     Chaz Parker smiled and moved out onto the deck, camera in hand. Snapping picture after picture, he moved back and forth across the wood planks.
     “What is wrong with you boys?” Randi breathed as she shook her head. Moving around the couch she gazed down at Diego’s laptop and groaned.
     “Shit, I need to work with these guys.” Diego tipped his head, grinning savagely and pointed toward the screen. Sipping his drink, he gazed at the strippers undulating across the screen. “Hot, baby. Whew!”
     Glowering, Randi inched back around toward the expansive bank of windows, giving each man an evil glance as she placed her hands on her hips. Darting her eyes back and forth across each stunning specimen of a man she knew she was right. Each one of the three roommates was successful, intelligent and a bit off limits, but she was more than right in her assessment. “Look boys. Listen up now! Here’s the way it is going to go period. All three of you owe me big time so I need one gigantic favor. And there will be no compromises. I need your wildest sex acts and every exotic idea that I know you have racing through your shameless minds.”
     Nothing from the peanut gallery. Jesus Christ, she was offering them the kinkiest adventure she could think of and they were absorbed in real life. Had she thought outside the box too much? Groaning, Randi shook her head and thought about the last time she’d seen Ariana in tears and it was happening more and more lately. Something had to give.
     “Boys!” Randi Shilow, best friend and all around gal Friday placed her fingers between her lips and whistled country girl style. She waited until they finally looked at her and absolute silence crystallized throughout the room. Except for the vibrating sounds of Donna Summer pulsing from the computer, they remained quiet. She shook her head and then sucked in a long, deep and very calculated breath.
     “What?” Galen asked.
     She held out her hand. Here goes. “You know how difficult it’s been for Ariana lately, right?”
     Diego cocked his head. “Of course we know.”
     “And you want to help, right?” It really wasn’t a question she was asking.
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One thought on “Guest: Cassandre Dayne

  1. Because you understand passion–and fantasies–or seem to in this post, I’d bet your books are dynamic! I’ll just have to grab one now. I tried to think of three men I’d want and failed. There aren’t any real hunks where I live or I’m missing them! Bianca Swan

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