Taking Control

Taking control was released today. Here are all the links and excerpt for you. I’m so happy with this release.


Melissa and Bruce have been married for five years and had the perfect loving marriage…until the night Bruce felt his wife fake her orgasm. Shocked and outraged, Bruce plans to finally break down Melissa’s reserve and awaken her sexual desires.

Years of verbal abuse from her mother has left Melissa repressed, scared to explore her sexuality. The night she faked her orgasm, she knew she needed something more but she had no idea what her body was craving.

Bruce thrusts Melissa into a world of passion, fantasy and desire. His only demand is that she gives her body and heart into his care. To trust him absolutely.

Together they will steam up the sheets, but will Melissa be able to give her absolute trust to the man she loves and accept his final demand, being with another man, for the ultimate pleasure?

It was time.
No more waiting.
He was done with waiting. His mind and body couldn’t take anymore. Bruce glanced down at his sleeping wife, love and desperation consuming him. Making love to his wife was supposed to be a wonderful, fulfilling experience. He loved making love to his wife, she was everything to him. The thought of being without her was unbearable. However, they needed more. Melissa needed more. Tonight was the last time and he was so angry. Not at Melissa—at himself. Tonight in the throes of passion, Melissa faked her orgasm. His wife faked an orgasm on him.
On him!
It sounded so ridiculous. A lot of women faked orgasm. He knew they did. In fact, he didn’t blame half of them that did, but Bruce had never and this wasn’t a boast, never had a woman fake an orgasm with him.
He took pride in the pleasure he gave his woman, it was everything he wanted.
The pleasure he gave his woman gave him pleasure.
Melissa was his woman and he would give her the world if he could.
Bruce gathered his wife against his chest where she instantly melted against him with a soft sigh.
Mine whispered across his thoughts.
He squeezed her ever so slightly, his possessive instinct coming forward.
He would teach her more, he vowed. She would float on a cloud of pleasure. His woman would no longer feel shame in completely letting go, in abandoning all of her principles, all of her views on what sex and making love was all about.
Melissa was a sexy woman with so much passion begging to come out and Bruce was adamant he would be the one to unleash it.
He loved her with all of his heart and soul. He was going to show her that no matter what turned her on or what her fantasies were, he would provide them and do it with love in his heart. Bruce accepted her and he would take the next step to satisfying their sexual
appetites. No more faked orgasm, no more fear, only absolute pleasure based on love and trust.

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