Guest: Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne
     Sexy means something different to all of us, doesn’t it? We’re not all carbon copies of each other and I’m so glad. That wouldn’t be any fun if we all looked and sounded alike. I write highly erotic books that deal with all aspects of passion including BDSM, voyeurism, public display and ménage. I write everything from very wicked m/f pieces that include all of the above items and I’ve been writing some same sex pieces. Oddly enough, my publisher and I from Rebel Ink Press are finding that my same sex pieces are doing much better. Of course that brings the question, why? Well, I think there are many reasons for it including the fact that there are so many writers penning heterosexual pieces. I also think that women in particular crave reading about hot men sharing a relationship together. I know from a group of writers that I share stories and ideas with that we love looking at hotties and not just by themselves. For me there’s nothing sexier than two men engaging in a sultry kiss as they hold hands and walk into the sunset.
     Men are men and delicious to look at. Whether they’re carved sun kissed Gods at the beach showing off those perfect six pack abs or buried in a snowsuit on the ski slope, I think women develop fantasies about something wicked. Add in a hint of romance in which you can share in the joys of their heated sex and I know the sexy thought turns me on. Is it a taste of the forbidden or is it that we’d like to share? For some of the juicy fruit of a ménage is a tasty treat and one that we might never taste – so perhaps seeing two men together is just an aphrodisiac. Whatever happens, we enjoy reading about men.
     Now I have told you many I time I enjoy writing and reading about men of all flavors. I think men are sexy in all aspects whether they’re wearing sexy suits to jeans preparing for a day of construction, boxers and briefs and of course wearing nothing at all. Men are simply beautiful to look at and fun to fantasize about. It’s no different for men who prefer men. They hunger for sexy and appealing and so many time sexy in different ways. All of us being different I personally think really gives you so many options and we find people attractive for more than just looks, don’t we? It’s the sound of their voice or the way they treat people. For me it’s a sense of humor and a verve with life. It’s not all about looks.
     In penning my piece releasing on the 17th for Rebel Ink Press – Shattered – I decided to give my character more than a reason to want to live. He thinks he only matters because of his looks. When it’s taken away from him he’s nearly destroyed until a reminder in the form of a friend and protector reminds him what life is supposed to be. Take a taste of Shattered.
Movie star Hunter Reynolds knew a thing or two about the ladies but he didn’t crave them. Instead, he enjoyed the company of men and while he adored Taylor, his live in lover and best friend, they weren’t in love and Hunter refused to be seen in public with him. After all, Hunter’s fans believed he was straight. When he was brutally attacked, he was uncertain he would ever work in Hollywood again and his doctors weren’t sure they could repair the damage. Angry and bitter, Hunter pushed everyone out of his life including Taylor. Sadly, Hunter was merely the latest victim in a series of horrific crimes targeting gay entertainers.
Macgyver Donovich was a reporter for the LA Times who’d written stories on each one of the victims and was anxious to talk with Hunter. From the moment he met the rough-hewn man who exuded sexuality along with chocking self loathing, MacGyver was fascinated. Determined to get to the bottom of the attacks, Mac wrote a series of edgy columns in an attempt to egg on the perpetrator.
Entering into a pact to fight back, both Mac and Hunter realized it was only a matter of time before the assailant struck again. As they grew closer by their respective haunted pasts, a series of new threats were issued and both men were forced to confront their demons. As the race to find the attacker continued, Mac and Hunter finally discovered what they’d been missing in life–love. But was it simply too late?
     It wasn’t that Ginger Pearson wasn’t attractive. With her waist length auburn air and dazzling light blue eyes, she had every Hollywood man hungry. Chuckling, he also knew just how attracted she was to Hunter. Her more than blatant advances during their early readings told him in no uncertain terms what she wanted to do with his body. The disturbing part was he would be her date at several premiers leaving Taylor alone to watch the festivities from their couch.
     Enough feeling sorry for yourself. You’re a freaking movie star! The words meant nothing any longer except to his accountant, attorney, agent and publicist. They made a killing off his stardom. Swirling the biting liquid he finished the shot and closed his eyes. Something had to give.
     “This seat taken?” The sultry voice said from behind.
     “Not yet but damn if I don’t crave something hot and sexy. You interested?” Hunter breathed.
     “Perhaps. What are you offering?”
     Hunter tipped his head and grinned. “Roaring sex all night long.” While his tone was barely more than a whisper, he’d said the words out loud and Taylor smiled in appreciation.
     “Hmmm…not sure my boyfriend would like that,” Taylor purred as he slid onto the barstool.
     “What about a threesome then? I’m always game for adventure.”
     Bursting out laughing Taylor shook his head and patted Hunter’s thigh. “I think it sounds delicious. You, me and some hot man in a sweltering bathroom.” As he licked his lips, Taylor rubbed his hand up and down Hunter’s leg until he eased it away, giving Hunter a sheepish look.
     Hunter wrapped his fingers around Taylor’s hand and pushed it just above his crotch. “Been doing some thinking.” Eyeing the bartender, he raised his glass and nodded toward Taylor.
     “Oh yeah? Why am I suddenly terrified?”
     Hunter inhaled as gazed to his left. No one was paying much attention to either of them. While the corner jazz club was pulsing with activity, the patrons were used to seeing them together. Usually wall the wall with people, the club catered to the upper echelon of society and rich socialites who enjoyed the feel of a quiet locale and tonight was no exception. This was one place he felt comfortable. He waited until the bartender left the drinks. “You’re right and I’m wrong. It’s as simple as that.”
     Taylor stole a glance at Hunter’s hand as Hunter stroked Taylor’s bulging erection and smiled. “Not that I don’t appreciate the full court press action but why the change of heart?”
     Shrugging, Hunter wasn’t entirely sure. “Not fair to either one of us. I can’t continue to live a lie for the rest of my life.”
     “I agree with you. Whoever this asshole is that’s threatening you will make good on finding or creating damning pictures. You know that.”
     “I guess I just wanted to hold off the inevitable for little while longer. I really do enjoy our life together and the privacy we’re allowed.” Hunter took a swig of his drink.
     “We’re living in a giant fishbowl and sooner or later we’re going to get swallowed up by sharks.”
     It was Hunter’s turn to laugh. “So eloquently put.” Shifting, he blazed a heated trail down to Taylor’s crotch before sniffing and licking around the rim of his glass.
     Taylor pressed a single finger across Hunter’s mouth as he stole a glance into the crowd. “Later.”
     “So tell me about this musician guy?”
     “Viggo Swenson is pretty damn amazing. You’ve seen him perform with Ragged Edges I know.”
     “Hell yeah. What’s he doing pimping in the states?” Hunter asked as he tried to focus on the basketball game.
     “Thinks he’s a bit better than the rest of his crew I guess. Not a bad guy. He’s damn talented and would be good for the band. I don’t know. The rest of the guys want to meet with him first.”
      “You guys deserve a decent break.”
     Taylor leaned forward and grinned, his eyes twinkling. “Well, that’s the other thing I didn’t get a chance to tell you. Got a call about that tour that was mentioned? It’s not just dates in the States any longer. We’re talking Europe and Australia.” Grinning, Taylor swirled his drink before gulping the entire shot, thumping the dense glass down onto the bar.
     While Hunter didn’t want him to go, there was something rather cathartic about the timing. “When does the tour start?”
     “In about a week we leave if all the final details work out.”
     “Good for you. I’m so happy. I bet the band is thrilled.” Why did his heart ache so badly all of a sudden?
     Taylor rubbed his hand across Hunter’s cheek. “Hey, I thought you’d be happy for me.”
     “I’m damn happy for you.”
     “I am, Taylor. This is huge for you guys,” Hunter said as he smiled.
     “I wish you were playing with us like you used to.”
     Hunter snorted. “I’m not that good.”
     “Yes, you are.”
     Hunter tipped his head and remembered easily why he’d fallen hard for the sexy man. “Liar, but I adore you for it. You want to celebrate with another drink?”
     “Hmmm…tempting but I think some man of mine promised me a threesome.” Taylor slowly stood and gave Hunter a lurid gaze.
     “With a look like that we might have to do it in the car.”
     Taylor laughed. “We have two cars and I have an early morning appointment.”
     “So do I. Let me pay our tab and let’s get the hell out of here.” Tossing several bills onto the counter Hunter grinned as anticipation of a raucous evening forced his cock to twitch. As the walked out into the night, Hunter inhaled and adjusted his aching bulge. “Where’s your car?”
     “Down the street,” Taylor breathed as he nodded toward the well-lit street. “Yours?”
     Hunter laughed. “Didn’t even try the street. In the alley.” As he gazed around at the few people that were on the street, he decided for once he had to do something daring and completely unexpected. Gripping Taylor’s arm he pulled his lover into the shadows and pushed him hard against the brick wall.
     “Whoa! What got into you?” Taylor purred.
     “Lust for you.” Giving Taylor a wicked grin, he leaned forward and captured Taylor’s mouth, pressing his tongue past Taylor’s lips, tasting the tangy essence of tequila. Hunter palmed the wall with one hand as he pressed his other down the length of Taylor’s chest before cupping and kneading Taylor’s cock. A series of intense electric jolts pulsed through his body as the kiss became a manic roar and for several seconds Hunter couldn’t breathe.
     Shuddering, Taylor palmed Hunter’s chest, clawing the soft material of his shirt. When he finally broke the kiss, Taylor groaned. “Hell. That was intense.”
     “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Hunter hissed. As he eased back he licked his lips in a blatant fashion.
     Taylor slipped from around Hunter and shook his head. “I like this man so much better. I oughta threaten to leave more often.” Grinning, he walked away turning briefly to purse his lips and lock his gaze on Hunter’s crotch. “Hurry. I’m desperately hungry.”
     Hunter snapped his hand and caught Taylor’s butt. “You better not threaten to leave or I might have to become the aggressor.” Something caught his eye and while he couldn’t tell what it was, he had the odd sensation of being watched. Stop being paranoid. Jesus.
     “Promises. Promises. And you better hurry home.”
     “I will.” Grinning, Hunter watched Taylor walk into the shadows before he turned and headed for the alley. For the first time he had a damn good feeling about their relationship. Maybe a little time apart would heat the back up. The thought gave him shivers. Yanking out his keys he hummed a tune as he walked around the corner into the sharp darkness.

One thought on “Guest: Cassandre Dayne

  1. Great post and loved the excerpt. I agree that it isn’t about looks. I love the difference between men and women. In particular mens jaw lines and mouth, l love their stomachs too and the way their bodies ‘V’ outwards towards their broad shoulders. Hell l just love men, and the thought of two of them? Count me in baby!

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