Christmas Competiton

Hi all,

The past two days has seen two Christmas stories become available to buy. Bu to celebrate the festive season I want to do a giveaway. All I want you to do is leave a comment and a preference for which story you’d prefer, even if you would like both, and then on Monday morning I’ll announce the winner.

Ryan’s Christmas Miracle Blurb:

Christmas time is filled with possibilities, with love and laughter. For Ryan all he ever wanted was the love of Jemma Stein. The problem, Jemma was the wife of his best friend who was more like a brother to him, Simon.

Jemma is now a widower, with three children and the help of Ryan to keep her going. In the privacy of her own mind she allows herself to fantasise about a life with Ryan. But it could never be. How could she move on and love her dead husband’s best friend?

The discovery of Simon’s diary is about to change everything for Ryan.



He knew in his heart of hearts Simon would want her to be with him. If anyone loved her as much as Simon had it would be Ryan.

“Don’t do this.” Her hands went to his cupping her face, while tears fell from her eyes.

“I love you and I don’t want us to go back to what we were before Simon died. I want you Jemma, always have and always will,” he promised. There would be no other woman but the one who sat before him.

“Simon was your best friend, my husband…” she began to argue.

“We both loved you and Simon would want you to be happy. To be loved.” He spoke the truth. He knew Simon would want her to live, to stop mourning him.

“Can we just go shopping please?”

Ryan saw her tense up and withdraw from him. He sighed.

Whenever Simon was mentioned, she pulled away from him. He understood her pain, but she didn’t need to feel guilty over moving on.

He removed his hands and nodded, there was no point continuing this conversation.

“Yes, let’s go Christmas shopping.”


Buy Links: ARe/ Bookstrand/ Amazon (UK)/ Amazon (US)/ Secret Cravings

Healing Love at Christmas Time, Blurb:

Christmas is supposed to be a time of learning, of love. It is a time of moving forward. Natasha and Jake had a terrible year. Accusations of cheating splintered their once blissful marriage.
Away for the holidays, alone to work through their troubles, the couple wondered if the season could be a time to mend a broken heart and bring them together. Would Natasha discover Jake was really cheating? Would she discover an equally painful secret? Jake and Natasha were about to test the healing love of Christmastime.


Jake could feel her eyes on him. His body was on fire with the need to have her consume him. For six months she’d denied him her body. This came after five years of passionate, uninhibited love making four or five times a week. Some years it was daily. He gathered logs trying to figure out what the hell to do.
Adultery. Affair. Cheating. He detested these words. His marriage meant a lot to him. Jake tried to think back to six months ago when Natasha accused him of cheating on her.
He couldn’t for the life of him think why? He’d never cheat on his wife. And yet she said she saw him.
Since then, Jake had been living in a nightmare which was getting worse by the day.

21 thoughts on “Christmas Competiton

  1. i’ve rated the second one five stars. very good subject: what do you do when your partner isn’t as sexual as you are anymore? i’m curious to see how the story develops, and if there is a happy resolution!

  2. Awesome give away!!! Oh my gosh, they both sound SO good.I don’t know which one I want a chance to win! Honestly! If I win,you pick and I will definitely buy the other one!

  3. Congrats on the New Release and wishing you continued success! Love your stories!
    Gosh, I love them both, so if I win, I would accept either one…as they both sound so awesome.Thank you for the the giveaway..*S*


  4. Andrew Grigaliunas says:

    Wow!!! Welcome back. I missed you lately!! It is so AWESOME to chat with you today!! The book that I am practically DYING for is: Ryan’s Christmas Miracle. If I need a second choice it would be Healing Love at Christmas.
    I am looking forward to chatting with you
    Have a great night!! ***HUGS***

    –Drew Grigaliunas

  5. Teresa Kleeman says:

    Wow Sam,

    Both books sound wonderful. I would love to read both of them. But if I have to choose one it would be Ryan’s Miracle. Thank you for the contest. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    Teresa K.

  6. acriss22 says:

    Healing love at Christmas Time sounds just wonderful, I would like to see how Natasha said she saw her husband cheating and he’s saying he never cheated. When you think someone close to you has betrayed you, believing and trusting that person again can take quite a while because they would have to earn your trust all over again. Congrats on your release and Happy holidays! rshereifa at yahoo dot com

  7. Patricia says:

    Ryan’s Christmas Miracle would be my first choice, though the other sounds just as interesting.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

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