Weekend Dirty Dozen

Hello everyone,

After the chaos of computer problems I’m ready to get started on Weeked Dirty Dozen.

I’m going to take my piece from Clifford Arbor: The Seduction of Raven Peters.

1) because it was my latest release, and

2) because this week I got a really great review from here

“I want her too, Jackson.”
“She’s the one,” they said in unison. The one woman both men responded to. The one woman who was made purely for them to share. They could feel it, sense it.
“Do you think she’d want both of us?” Harley muttered.
Jackson groaned as Harley pumped his cock, gliding up and down his aching shaft. Cum oozed from the tip lubing his cock.
“Didn’t you see her blush and look at both of us as if she’d love to eat us?”
“I only saw her looking at you.” Jackson was pleased about that. With her eyes on Harley, he’d had the chance to really look at her.
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