Clifford Arbor is officially released

Hi Everyone, 


I hope you’re all having a wonderful Monday and I’m so happy with my release with Rebel Ink Press I want to celebrate and do a giveaway. All you simply need to do is leave a comment for a chance to win.

So I guess you all want to know what you could win well look down and you’ll see a blurb, cover and excerpt of the beginning of what I hope is a long series.

Harley Banks and Jackson Cole live in Clifford Arbor, a quaint seaside town where couples with three partners are the norm.  The problem is, they’re missing their third. Hoping to find the woman meant only for them, Harley and Jackson embark on a ride of seduction as they try to convince their delectable new resident, Raven Peters, just how good life can be with two men. 

Falling in love has never been so tasty and rarely does it happen so quickly. Can anyone say one week-romance? In Clifford Arbor, anything is possible and anything can happen. In fact, one-week in Clifford Arbor can hold a lifetime of promise.



“Oh God, Harley. Make me forget.” Jackson abruptly looked up, his hands cupping Harley’s face.
Jackson trembled. Fear. Harley took his hands.
“What do you want, Jackson?” Harley’s heart broke at Jackson’s pleading.
“I know, Harley.”
His heart stopped for a split second before he let out a nervous chuckle. ”What do you know, Jackson?” Harley coughed, trying to distract himself.
Jackson leaned in close and kissed him directly on the lips. Everything he’d dreamed about was received in one kiss. He leaned into him, his hands dropping from Jackson, taking control, kissing him with all the pent up lust and love of the last three years. It was enough to start a fire.
Harley realized he needed to stop this. Jackson wasn’t in the right mood. This was his way of forgetting about his brother and his wife.
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27 thoughts on “Clifford Arbor is officially released

  1. Pogonip says:

    Whoa! Looks like it might get a little steamy. Congrats on the release. Now, where did I put that fire extinguisher…….

  2. Hey Sam!!

    Congrats on your new release!! It sounds amazing and the cover is very sexy too!! I wish you great success with you book and hope it sells tons and tons. Big Hugs!!

    Daisy Dunn

  3. Rae M. says:

    You’re new to me, but I definitely like what I’m seeing! So I definitely wouldn’t say no to reading this.

    Thanks for the giveaway and Congrats on your release!

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