Guest: Lux Zakari

Hello and welcome Lux Zakari to my site. She has so graciously agreed to be interviewed.  
So let’s begin… 
1) First, tell us a little about yourself so the readers know who you are.
I’m Lux Zakari, author of the erotic novels Coercion and Finale. Some say my work is pretty dark, controversial and kinky, but if one were to meet me in person, he or she would ask, “That little goof is writing erotica?” That being said, I enjoy keeping people on their toes. 
2) What made you decide to write? Was it something you accidentally began? Or what you wanted to do? Or an annoying character who refused to leave until their story was told? 
For me, there was never any decision. Writing was just always something I did. I liked telling stories and preserving ideas, and for me, even though I do dabble in visual arts, writing is the best way for me to effectively express what’s going on in my head. It’s so hard for me not to write; it’s like I can’t help myself. I’m perpetually jotting down fragmented ideas and pieces of conversation that I intend on immortalizing in some way at some point in time.
3) I love hearing about first acceptances as an aspiring writer and now that I am e-published, I still love hearing about them. So tell us about that first acceptance.   
Dorky, but true: When I learned my first novel, Coercion, had been accepted for publication, I danced around to Lionel Ritchie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling.” I’m pretty sure there were a few kicks and spins, and the lyrical supplements of “Fame! I’m gonna live foreva!”
4) Tell us about your current release? Where can readers buy it from?  
When music legend Jonathan Levant dies in a motorcycle accident, no one is more stunned than his former lover Olivia Gray, a hedonistic ex-celebrity who learns she’s been inexplicably named the guardian of his children. Olivia’s reluctant acceptance of the new parental role obliterates her hope of resurrecting her songwriting career as she faces sarcastic teenagers, suicide attempts and séances. The upset to her self-indulgent life forces Olivia to finally face the truth about the cruel decisions of her wild past, her now uncertain future and her secret, turbulent relationship with a man who, even in death, continues to upend her world.
5) What are you currently writing?  
The story I’m working on now is about an ex-teen idol who married young, is in the midst of a divorce and now has to use fan fiction written about him to glean insight on how to date. It’s an idea that began as a joke, but one I became very passionate about. It’s slow-going though; the magnitude of the project and its importance to me keeps psyching me out of actually writing it, but it’s coming along!
6) What inspires you most when you write?  
Usually everything, but lately, I’ve found inside jokes and other people’s quirks very inspiring, as could be derived from the aforementioned fan fic story. I’m notorious for doing things such as turning a simple gag into a full-blown, year-long project.
7) What experiences have you had working with your publisher/s? 
Like everything else in life, it’s been a mixed bag. Right now I’m enjoying my experience with Etopia Press, the publisher releasing my next novel, Secretly More. My editor and I seem to be on the same wavelength, and the publisher is very good about answering any questions that crop up on my end.
8) What are you reading now?  
Right now I’m trying to work my way through Game of Thrones, which is a daunting-sized book as it is. However, I’m not used to reading books where things actually happen! Usually, my tastes lean toward books about relationships, and Game of Thrones is a bit too exciting for me. I keep getting overwhelmed and having to walk away from it!
9) What are your guilty pleasures?  
Everything I enjoy is a guilty pleasure, to the point where they stop being guilty pleasures and start being just stuff I like! Some of that stuff includes singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” (but for a cover band, so it helps soften it—I hope) and still watching my favorite childhood movies over and over.
10) What would be your advice, if any, for other aspiring authors?  
I mentioned this on Lucy Morgan’s blog, but I believe it whole-heartedly: Always write the story you want to tell exactly the way you want to tell it. There will be at least one person in the world who will be incredibly grateful that you did.
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Guest: Maxim Jakubowski

Hello and welcome Maxim Jakubowski to my site. He has so graciously agreed to be interviewed. 
So lets begin…
1) First, tell us a little about yourself so the readers know who you are?
MJ: Just an English writer who was brought up in France and worked for many years in publishing and alternates crime thrillers (with a strong erotic content) and erotic books. I write and edit full-time and seem to publish much too much, even though I still feel I am twiddling my thumbs most of the time, so it’s deceptive.
2) What made you decide to write? Was it something you accidentally began? Or what you wanted to do? Or annoying character who refused to leave until their story was told?  
MJ: I’ve always wanted to write but was encouraged when I was still only 12 by a teacher who allowed me to let my imagination roam free when I was given an essay to write about what I had done on my holidays. My reaction was that, in truth, nothing had, so he said I could invent things. Which I did, fantastically, with a story of being kidnapped by eagles. His positive reaction and that of my classmates to my saga proved a poisonous encouragement and overnight I wanted to be a writer. I published my first stories at 16 and my first book at 18 and have never looked back. Now I have almost 130 titles/volumes to my credit, although the great majority are of course anthologies I’ve edited in a variety of genres. Fiction-wise I am still a long way from being in the Simenon or Balzac prolific mould.
3) I love hearing about first acceptances as an aspiring writer and now that I am e-published, I still love hearing about them. So tell us about that first acceptance. 
MJ:I submitted a terrible science fiction piece of juvenalia to SATELLITE, the lowest paying French SF magazine at the time and to my utter surprise they ran it . From that moment onwards I was shackled to my little typewriter and a slave to writing fiction. It quickly became a compulsion and an integral part of my life. Though I have also since done non fiction in the form of a travel book and several reference titles, as well as huge amounts of newspaper colums and reviews.
4) Tell us about your current release? Where can readers buy it from? 
MJ: It’s an erotic novel titled EKATERINA AND THE NIGHT and was published in late September by Xcite Books, who have also published my previous novel I WAS WAITING FOR YOU and my four SEX IN THE CITY collections. It’s available from every good bookshop and online retailer, both as a paperback and, indispensably these days, an ebook.
5) What are you currently writing? 
MJ: I’ve spent the summer translating a couple of French novels, one erotic and one crime for two big mainstream publishers and will getting back to fiction in a few weeks, after a training run, so to speak, with a couple of new short stories. The novel will be called DEFINED BY ABSENCE and that’s all I can reveal. It’s not superstition but I’ve always been of the belief one should never talk about work in progress for fear of never actually writing it.
6) What inspires you most when you write? 
MJ: The beauty of women and their bodies. Life. Art.
7) What experiences have you had working with your publisher/s?
MJ: I worked for several decades in book publishing as Editorial Director or, in two instances, running the companies in question, so I know both sides of the business. I have therefore never had a problem with any of the publishers with whom I have been involved.
8) What are you reading now? 
MJ: I read widely, and having finished Brian Selznick’s WONDERSTRUCK yesterday, I am about to open up Erin Morgenstern’s THE NIGHT CIRCUS. I read 2 or 3 books a week. My essential diet.
9) What are your guilty pleasures? 
MJ: Rock n’roll music, movies and book, magazine and CD collecting with a terrible vengeance. And writing too, naturally.
10) What would be your advice, if any, for other aspiring authors? 
MJ: Just write and don’t talk about it.
Lolita meets Story of O, another memorable tale of love, sex and feelings from ‘the King of the erotic thriller’
When Ekaterina meets Alexander a shockingly sexy but tender romance develops.
She is a young Italian trainee journalist, who dreams of wild sexual adventures. He is the older Englishman who she believes can fulfill her fantasies. When Ekaterina is sent to interview the ageing writer Alexander in London, she is blinded by his charm and experience. Their relationship explodes in a sensual orgy, which defies society’s acceptance.
When a mysterious angel of death who calls herself Emma enters their lives, Ekaterina and Alexander know their days together are numbered.
A shocking climax set in Venice in winter brings the three protagonists together.
A tale of sex and tenderness that ranks alongside Jakubowski classic The State of Montana.
MAXIM JAKUBOWSKI worked for many years in book publishing as an editor (including titles by William Golding, Peter Ackroyd, Oliver Stone, Michael Moorcock, Peter Ustinov, Jim Thompson, David Goodis, Paul Ableman, Sophie Grigson, Marc Behm, Cornell Woolrich, etc…) and launched the Murder One Bookshop, which he owned and ran for over 20 years. He now writes, edits and translates full-time in London.
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Naughty Nights Press

What do you get when you have eight wickedly delicious authors, writing about Halloween?
Why you end up with “A WICKED AND WANTON ALL HALLOWS EVE” of course.
A Halloween party turns into a very unusual night; a ghost whose sexual needs prevent her from passing over to the other side; a chance encounter at a mistaken location leads to many desires being fulfilled; and unusual alien and human sexual experience, in the name of research; and so much more in this kinky themed Halloween Anthology.
Open up your mind, free your inhibitions and get ready for A Wicked & Wanton All Hallows Eve!
Eight naughty Halloween-themed erotic short stories to tantalize and tease the senses while giving readers a little taste of the experimental worlds of sensually exciting tricks or treats.
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Weekend Dirty Dozen

Hi Everyone, so excited about the new dirty dozen and in my head I’m still celebrating the release of Clifford Arbor that has a shiny silver star at ARe 

Here are my dirty dozen


“Leave me alone, Harley.” He grabbed the man’s wrist and pushed him away. “I’m not in the mood.” Jackson turned to leave.
“She’s not Patricia.”
The words had the desired effect. Cole saw red. He reacted, pure and simple.
He grabbed Harley by the neck and thrust him against the nearest wall.
“Don’t you say her fucking name,” he snapped not letting the other man go. He didn’t see his lover and friend.
 He saw the enemy.
Thank you for stopping by and checking out Clifford Arbor, I hope to add more stories to this soon. 

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