Guest: Cara Bristol

As an erotic romance author, I enjoy developing characters the most. The conflict, plot and story in my romances arise out of who my characters are, the kind of people they are. Put two opposite people together – or make them want different things and it becomes a natural story.
In Unexpected Consequences, my new release from Loose Id, I paired an young, innocent pampered young woman used to getting her own way with an older, mature man used to being in control – and then put them in a domestic discipline marriage. The sparks fly almost instantly.
I could tell you what the story is about, but I think I’ll let the characters speak for themselves with a brief sketch of who they are:
Name: Melania Traynor
Age: 23
Occupation: Court reporter
Marital Status: Married (newlywed)
Likes: expensive shoes, baking, entertaining
Dislikes: the beautiful red stilettos she fell in love with and the wooden “valet thingy” in her husband’s den, a gift from the Rod and Cane Society
Her happiest moment: when she married Jared Traynor, her knight in shining armor
How she gets her way: through feminine wiles. It always worked on her father, so why not with her husband?
Her biggest mistake: not reading the fine print of her marriage “contract of consent”
Her unhappiest moment: when Jared discovers she disobeyed a “request” and sneaked behind his back.
Her biggest secret: she has a packed suitcase hidden under the bed
Name: Jared Traynor
Age: 35
Occupation: investment banker
Affiliations: the usual civic organizations and the Rod and Cane Society
Marital Status: married (newlywed)
How he met his wife: at a charity event sponsored by the Rod and Cane Society, a secret organization of men who spank their wives to maintain discipline in the home
Likes: indulging his new bride
Dislikes: lying, disobedience
How he reacts to problems: Directly, swiftly, firmly
His biggest disappointment: when his wife spoils his attempt to surprise her with a pair of red stilettos
The worst thing he could imagine: that his wife would consider leaving him
Readers can read chapter one of Unexpected Consequences by clicking on the buy link and then on the excerpt button.

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