Guest: Elizabeth Black

Don’t Call Me Baby – The Joys Of Older Men

By Elizabeth Black

Younger men/older women have been all the rage for many years in erotic romances. Their hot bodies and hotter libidos keep us older women very happy. I’m sure lots of older women fantasize about bedding a young stud – or have actually done it.
I’m not a cougar. Never have been one. I like my men seasoned, with a little snow on the roof. My protagonist Catherine Stone in Don’t Call Me Baby feels the same way. She also likes older men.
When I was younger I dated older men almost exclusively. Most were about ten to twenty years older than me. Older men were often in a position to help me in my work since they had contacts younger men didn’t have. Most of the time the older men with whom I became involved were much more mature and worldly than men my own age and younger. They also treated me better, taking me to clubs and nice restaurants rather than fast food joints and bars. Although there was pressure to have sex, I wasn’t expected to put out on the first or second date like I was with younger men. I found older men to be more considerate and slower-paced than younger men. We also had similar interests. We enjoyed the same movies, including obscure ones. We liked the same music and read the same books. I enjoyed the theatre and festivals, something I shared with older men much more often than younger men. I have been told numerous times that I was born ten years too late. My magic age was 47. For some reason, I liked that age best.
When it comes to sex, older men take their time. Foreplay is important because it often takes an older man a longer time than it takes a younger man to get an erection. He has more sexual experience, and it shows. Sadly, I don’t think older men are as experimental as younger men, but the ones I saw made up for it in the enthusiasm department. I’ve run into both older and younger selfish lovers so neither age has a monopoly on demanding blow jobs whilst not wanting to go down on me.
Why have I gravitated towards older men? Could be the movies I watched when I was younger. I liked the Golden Age of Hollywood, especially worldly male characters who were often in their mid-forties. I wasn’t particularly popular in school so I hung around with the teachers more often than the kids my age. I could relate to them better, and I felt more comfortable with them. I was used to being around older people so when it came time to date, I stuck with what I knew.
Catherine Stone enjoys the company of several older men and she gains from each experience, even when the experience isn’t always enjoyable. She shares my love for older men. What’s amusing to me is that now that I’m older, my magic age of 47 is now contemporary for me. Those men are no longer older men in my eyes. Someday Catherine Stone will also reach her magic age and find men her own age as fascinating as the older ones she currently likes. And the interesting thing is they will be one and the same.

Here is my blurb for Don’t Call Me Baby.

Don’t Call Me Baby is a fast-paced, quick-witted, sexy novel about a young woman exploring her sexuality and the cultural morés she collides with on a daily basis. It’s 1983 in Maryland and Catherine Stone is sex on wheels. She plays the field the way men have done for aeons. Not content to strive for her MRS degree like so many young women her age, she seduces men of all stripes – married college professors, theatre students, virgins, complete strangers who intrigue her. She has already cost one man his job. But she asks herself lots of questions on her search to enjoy her sexuality. Why don’t other women enjoy their sex as much as she does? Why do so many women and men look down on sexually free women, calling them sluts while sexually free men are called studs and Lotharios? She bucks at the double standards!  Catherine has made no commitment to any man. She’s free to explore and she gladly does so. No man can tie her down and no woman’s judgment will stop her from playing the field to her heart’s content. Does she meet her match in a new man who introduces her to sexual bliss she had never before experienced? When she tries multiple partners and bondage for the first time as a submissive, she believes she’s found the sexual bliss she is looking for – and with a man who not only introduces her to the fineries in life but also cares about her like no man ever has before.
Naughty Nights Press releases this novel on September 30, 2011. Please visit my blog, web site, and Facebook page for updates, buy links, more excerpts, and reviews.
Don’t Call Me Baby Web Site Page
Elizabeth Black – Blog and Web Site
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3 thoughts on “Guest: Elizabeth Black

  1. Wonderful post, Elizabeth. I’m so with you…I like seasoned men, they know what they’re doing *wink wink*
    I love your book cover. I wish you great success with your novel 🙂

    Daisy Dunn

  2. I tried the cougar pumps once…it was fun for a while, but the substance just wasn’t there. lol Now I live with someone ten years my senior and I’ve never been happier. However, I love to read and write cougar stories 😉



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