Guest: Daisy Dunn

Hello and welcome Daisy Dunn to my site. She has so graciously agreed to be interviewed. 
So lets begin…
1) First, tell us a little about yourself so the readers know who you are? 
Hi Everyone!! I live in Winnipeg, Canada (Go Jets Go!!), and I’m a prairie girl through and through. I live with the love of my life and his 20 year old son. We all get along, so it’s a really happy home. I’m not a full time author, but my dream is that one day I will be.
SC: You and me both :-). 
2) What made you decide to write? Was it something you accidentally began? Or what you wanted to do? Or annoying character who refused to leave until their story was told?  
I have always wanted to write, but I was filled with self-doubt. Well, this year, my New Year’s Resolution was to write a novel and try to have it published. So I sat down on January 1st and started writing a vampire erotic romance series that had been sitting in a shelf in my mind for a long time. It took me a little over three months to write and edit. Then my search began for a publisher.
SC: Excellent. Love vampires lol 
3) I love hearing about first acceptances as an aspiring writer and now that I am e-published, I still love hearing about them. So tell us about that first acceptance.  
I did some research on publishing companies and came across Secret Cravings Publishing. I started my novel on Jan. 1st/11 and I submitted it in mid April/11. One week later, I was going through my emails and saw an email from the publisher. Just like in the movies, I had a hard time opening it. I paced back and forth for a few minutes, preparing myself for rejection. Finally, I sat back down at my laptop and opened the email. I read the first line over and over again and all I could see was the word “accepted”. Once it sunk in, I screamed and jumped up and down. It was one of the best emails I’ve ever received J I kept writing and now I have a total of 4 stories being published in the next few months. YAY!!
SC: Fantastic acceptance. Love it. 
4) Tell us about your current release? Where can readers buy it from? 
My current and debut release is called The Portal. It came out Sept. 2/11 and it’s a Fantasy/Contemporary/Cougar short story. Cole, a scientist at a University, has opened up a portal into an alternate universe and has become a guard for the ruling queen of that world. Gianna, the woman that Cole has been madly in love with for 5 years and is ten years her junior, is determined to win her heart. On his last trip through the portal, he realizes that Gianna somehow has come into the alternate universe and has been taken prisoner by the lusty queen. He vows to do anything to rescue her and find a way to make her fall in love with him. 
It’s available at Secret Cravings Publishing:
5) What are you currently writing? 
I am working on a sequel to The Portal called The Sinful Portal. The story continues the next day with Cole’s assistant, Scarlett, entering the portal into a new quadrant of the alternate universe. The best way to describe it so far is “dreamy and steamy”.
SC: No stopping you now. 
6) What inspires you most when you write?
Truly, everything inspires me. From a trip to the dentist, to going out with girlfriends, I am constantly thinking about what could happen in these settings with my characters. I just can’t turn it off!!
SC: You’ll always know what to write. 
7) What experiences have you had working with your publisher/s?
I’m published by Secret Cravings Publishing, and they are an amazing company to work for. Communication is a huge element between them and the authors, and if we have any questions, they bend over backwards to get us the answers. I couldn’t be happier 🙂
8) What are you reading now?
So Beautifully Broken by Lacie Nation. She is a wonderful author who knows how to weave a romantic tale filled with heart wrenching emotion. I love her writing!!
SC: That is one story I want to read 🙂 
9) What are your guilty pleasures? 
Chocolate and chocolate (I just can’t stress this enough).
10) What would be your advice, if any, for other aspiring authors? 
Don’t ever give up on your dreams of becoming an author…ever!!
This is for you to talk more about yourself, leave your blogging details, site details and generally promote yourself. 
Thank you so much for dropping by and a big thank you to Sam Crescent for having me. I would love to give away a free copy of my book, The Portal, so here’s a little contest for you…leave me a comment and your email address…that’s it…it’s that simple. I will draw a name from a hat and announce the winner later on today or tomorrow. I enjoyed sharing with you. If you would like to get in touch with me in the future, I can be reached at the following places:
Facebook: Daisy Dunn
Twitter: @daisydunnauthor
I look forward to hearing from you!!
You can purchase my book at Secret Cravings Publishing:



Cole Evans has been in love with Gianna Thomas from the first
moment he laid eyes on her when he was a student at the University.
He pursued her relentlessly, but Gianna would not date him because
of their ten year age difference. She broke his heart when she pushed
him away for good, afraid to be known as a Cougar.
Five years later, Cole is now twenty-nine years old and is ready to fight
for Gianna. Before he does, he takes one more trip through the portal
he created into the alternate universe he has stumbled across. He has
been chosen as a guard for the ruling queen of this world and is
shocked when he sees that one of the prisoners is Gianna. He needs
to get her out of this place, away from the lusty clutches of the queen
and into his arms once and for all.


Once the queen looked at each of the women, she walked to her throne and regally sat down. She snapped her fingers, and the guards moved into action. Every woman had a guard grab her arms from behind and hold her firmly in place. Then five different guards walked to the front of each of the five women with a knife in their hands. Their tops were gently cut open and their bras sliced apart in the front, exposing their breasts. The guards, who had just cut the tops and bras, placed their knives back in the sheaths attached to their belts. They then stepped out of the way for the queen’s viewing.
Gianna was horrified. None of the other women fought back or said anything. She wanted to scream and tried to pull her arms out of the hold the guard had on her from behind, but to no avail. He was far too strong for her. She was so embarrassed by her nakedness to a room full of people. She turned her head back and forth to see if the other women were protesting, but none of them moved or made a sound. She didn’t know what to do, so she decided she would hold her tongue just a little longer.
The queen sat quietly for a moment staring at the women. No one made a sound while the queen deliberated. She then spoke three words, “Three and five.”
The guards pushed Gianna, who assumed she was number three, and the woman who was standing in the fifth position, forward. The rest of the women were led out of the room by the guards that were still holding them.
The guards then looked back to the queen for guidance. She blatantly stared at Gianna’s breasts and then to the other woman’s breasts.
The queen spoke again. “Make them hard.”
Two guards stepped forward, one in front of each of the two remaining women, and started stroking their nipples. Gianna was even more horrified then she had been when her top and bra were cut open. She stared to struggle, but the guard behind her held on tight. She kicked his lower leg with her high heels, but ended up striking his calf-high leather boots. Two other guards quickly stepped forward and grabbed her legs, pinning them down on the ground, so she couldn’t kick. The guard standing before her resumed stroking her nipples.
He rolled her nipples between his fingers, and as they grew in length, he pinched and stroked them till they were hard and extremely erect. He seemed to be enjoying the task he had been commanded to do.
Gianna was devastated by what was happening to her, but even more upset because her body was enjoying this guard’s touch. She could feel it all the way to her core. Her pussy throbbed with every one of his tugs and twists on her nipples. She tried to look him in the eyes, but his visor covered them. She could see part of his face, but not much. His mouth looked familiar, the shape of his full lips looked sexy and inviting. She had let down her guard and was enjoying his electric touch.
The queen interrupted her now-blissful state. “Enough. Step back.”
Gianna almost thought she saw a look of disappointment on what she could see of the guard’s face as he released her nipples and stepped out of the way of the queen’s view.
The queen stood up and stepped down from her throne. She walked up to the two women and stared at their breasts. One by one she ogled the women and then finally stood in front of Gianna. She flicked her elongated nipples, first one and then the other. She turned and walked away through the hidden door in the wall.
The guards knew which one of the women the queen had chosen. The one holding Gianna passed her to the guard, who had stroked her nipples only moments ago and said, “The queen has made her choice. Take her to the bathing room so she can be prepared for tonight.”

14 thoughts on “Guest: Daisy Dunn

  1. Daisy, I loved this. Congrats to Sam on a fantastic interview. Daisy, I was so thrilled for you when I read about your acceptance in this interview, I had tears in my eyes from excitement. Well done! And vampires? Can’t get enough, as long as they don’t sparkle!
    Well done to both of you!!

  2. Hi Casey…I had tears in my eyes too when I was accepted. Don’t worry, my vampires don’t sparkle. They are warriors at war within their vampire tribes…tough as nails and hot…the women too!!
    Hi Kim…thanks for your warm wishes 🙂
    Hi Lacie…I loved your book So Beautifully Broken!! *Hugs*

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies. Your names are going in the draw 🙂

    • Kathleen (from Wpg!) says:

      Add this to your list of inspiring interviews Daisy! I love hearing about your path and your process. And your story sounds amazing! Can’t wait to read it! Wishing you continued success always! Hugs. xo

      • Hi Kathleen (from Wpg!) I’m so glad you stopped by. Thank you for your support and sweetness. It really means a lot to me. Hugs back at ya, sweetie!!

  3. Daisy,
    I agree110% on your comment about researching your publishers before submitting. After a half dozen rejects that’s what I did and never received another one!

    Well done you two.

  4. Hey Lisa…It took me quite a while to decide on a publisher, but the research paid off. I am so happy to be with Secret Cravings Publishing. I’m thrilled you stopped by and left a comment 🙂

  5. Congrats, Daisy,
    Vampires, my favorite kind of characters…lol…there’s just something about a fang or two and a smooth, pale throat….lol…Ur right, a true author can never turn off the ideas. They just keep coming to the point u sometimes don’t know which story to write first. It sounds like you’ve got lots of ideas. Best of luck and may u sell millions….Hugs…Tabs

  6. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who left a comment. I really appreciate the kind word and support you all have shown.
    I also want to say a special thank you to Sam Crescent for having me on her blog. You rock, Sam!!
    Now, on to the winner of a copy of my book….drum roll please….Casey Kerwitz!! Sam Crescent will be sending you an email with the book attached. I hope you like it!!
    BIG HUGS to all,

    Daisy Dunn

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