Guest: Sara Thacker

I want to thank Sam for having me on her blog. I’m Sara Thacker and I write thrillers.
My first love in writing is suspense and thrillers. Recently I finished updating Smooth Lies released it on Amazon and other outlets for $0.99. In Smooth Lies Sophia Henley’s life is in danger in her own home. The only way she can survive is to run from her husband. But can she be sure he really is her husband? Sophia escapes to find that her real husband is still alive. After being dumped and left for dead in the Black Sea, Jake Henley is out to retrieve something his CO stole and to save Sophia.
In Red Skhye in Morning Delanie Skhye is trying to have some free time on a private island. That is until a killer targets her. In Murder Stalks, Tony and Marissa have to outsmart the killer to escape certain death.
In all of my suspense books the killer or bad guy always gets it in the end. I like the justice of writing mysteries. I love the way my hero or heroine gets to serve up a tray of justice to the bad guys. It’s fulfilling to see the bad guys punished.
In real life justice isn’t always achieved. There are still people who take advantage of others and get away with it. Slumlords take advantage of their tenants, robbers don’t get caught and murders are left to walk around without seeing punishment. But injustice goes much deeper than what we see on the surface in our sterile USA world. We see injustice as undeserving people having nicer cars or bigger houses. Or a coworker who doesn’t work as hard as we do and somehow gets a raise or a bonus only because they’re good at kissing butt. But those are minor inequalities that don’t mean much in the full scheme of life.
What I’m talking about in terms of injustice are those people who are sold into slavery or stolen into slavery and forced to work in horrible conditions. Few people want to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth about slavery in today’s world. Many women, girls and young boys are taken by evil people and made to work in despicable conditions.
It’s uncomfortable to read books about people being taken advantage of. Many publishers won’t publish any books that include any sexual act with a minor, so many authors totally ignore the subject of teen prostitution, child slavery and kidnappings, not because they don’t want to write about the issues but so few publishers will publish anything that controversial out of fear of offending someone.
So what can you do? Being aware of the problem is important. If you don’t know about an issue how can you help? International Justice Mission was started fourteen years ago to help those people who can’t help themselves. They’ve had tremendous success in curbing slavery in many third world countries. There is still loads of work to be done. But not everyone can help out directly with the IJM offices or go into DC to volunteer in their offices.
There are many other ways you can help. You can give time or money to help the homeless in your community. Or maybe your passion is for babies that need help. All children in the foster system need a child advocate on their side to speak for them in court. If you don’t have time then a few dollars a month can help. You don’t have to give tons of money, maybe just your loose change gathered up every day and tossed into a jar.
Because I love the work that IJM does I’ve decided that all of the proceeds from the re-release of Smooth Lies will go to support International Justice Mission. I believe in IJM’s mission and their values. I hope that you will help me support IJM by purchasing a copy of Smooth Lies and enjoy the read.
Having someone to speak for those who have no voice is important. Your purchase of Smooth Lies will put money in the hands of lawyers who are working to free slaves and improve the lives of children and adults who are trapped in slavery. Thank you for your support. You can visit my website to find out more information.
Thank you for being on my site today.