Cassandre Dayne


Cassandre Dayne 
When a horrible moment from your past tracks you down, what can you do but fight?
     That’s the question I tackle in my upcoming release from Rebel Ink Press. I’m not condoning violence in any manner and especially spousal abuse is a horrible situation for anyone to be in and it’s not easy to get on with your life and recover and heal. In truth some people can never learn to trust or love again. I wanted to bring you a poignant tale about a damaged soul and through years of self searching and attempting to find a new life after running away from an abusive relationship. What better place to run to than the Bahamas where the men are all chocolate covered and the water warm.
     That’s where I’d go if I were trying to heal a broken heart and sooth a soul that hungered for peace. Now, take into account that she’s working with not one but four hot men that she learns to trust over time and enter in one naughty game of Truth or Dare and finally she throws her inhibitions aside. Could you do it? Could you spice up your existing passion with a naughty game?
     I seem to enjoy putting in a bit of naughty into my books. I think you can kick up the heat on several levels from games to toys, sexy clothes to a hint of danger. It’s all up to you and your love. Personally I think trying something out of your comfort zone is hot and adds to the mystery an allure surrounding passion. Let’s take a taste and see what you think.
Nightmares kept Leesa Douglas looking over her shoulder every day and night, running from place to place. A monster from her past had ripped apart her life and gave her reason to fear. Pretending. That had become Leesa’s way of life.  Living in a new country under a new name, after two years, Leesa finally allowed herself to feel peace. Leesa loved her island paradise in the Bahamas. Playing and working with her best friends couldn’t be better, especially since they were four of the most gorgeous men she’d ever laid eyes on. The only problem was, she was keeping a damaging secret from everyone.
Renowned island chef Kaydyn Foster knew something was wrong with his lovely co-worker, the one he longed to share his bed and his life. Sadly, he had no idea how to break Leesa out of her shell until a wicked storm washed out the road from the restaurant where they worked and kept the friends together one night. Playing out a fantasy, Kaydyn suggests a saucy game of Truth or Dare. Throwing inhibition to the wind, the five friends engage in a wanton night of passion. But in the light of day, terrified her secrets would destroy them all, Leesa decides to run. Knowing only he can stop her, Kaydyn wonders if he can find her before the past fractures them forever?


    A fire burned in her belly so hot she knew she was going to explode from the hunger. Worse yet, her visions confused the hell out of her and her thoughts aroused her so badly she squirmed on the sofa. Hearing her own labored breathing, she closed her eyes before she spoke. “Have you ever wanted a…white girl? Sexually I mean?” The second the question flew out of her mouth, the collective hush rushed the room again. Leesa lowered her eyes completely embarrassed she’d asked such a stupid question out loud.
     Dusky hesitated and looked at Kaydyn. When he finally spoke, his voice was strangled. “You know what? I could tell you the truth but I think I want your dare.”
     She laughed, her voice husky, but she kept her eyes away from his glistening face. Something in the back of her mind reminded her what she was doing or thinking about doing. Terrified, she steeled her nerves for what was to come. This was completely new territory for her and for the moment, she loved the thought. Leesa fought her mind from racing to another zone. “How about a slow dance?”
     Dusky hesitated and glanced around the room. Absently, he ran his hand over his chest giving a slight puff, a guy’s stance. “Gladly love, but this music has got to change. Yuck!”
     Mark slowly moved off the couch as if the entire situation had somehow taken a leap forward. Silently he changed the music and turned around to face them. Looking at Dusky with a glimmer that said too much, he nodded.
     Dusky held out his sweaty hand and guided her body out past the rugs. Holding her more tightly than before, he began twirling her around slowly. In the distance of their senses, the wind thumped against the building, which seemed to match the thump, thump, thump of their combined hearts. His body molded into hers as if he’d always been there and belonged nestled into her molten heat.
     Every sense deep within Leesa tingled at the heat of his body mingled with the pulse racing in her blood. She was losing all control around them, but she wanted to lose control. She desperately she needed to feel alive again. She closed her eyes and pressed her swollen mouth against his. The supple lips from before drowning out her inhibitions. She whimpered through the kiss as her hands snaked around his waist. Tiny beads of damp heat fell past the silky material of her dress to her breasts.
     Dusky caressed the back of her head as his fingers strummed her long curled strands, drawing her in for another powerful kiss. Hushed tones and quiet faces watched the telling dance. Eventually breaking the momentum, he eased back and smiled. “God woman.” He stroked her cheek and swallowed hard. “You’re beautiful Leesa. I’d love to please you and make you happy if you’ll allow.”
     His voice was barely a whisper, so subtle every emotion she’d experienced over the past five years melted away. Her eyes fluttered holding his gaze and she smiled timidly. No words could be said that explained the whir in her brain, the wild beating of her heart, and the pulse clenching her pussy that sent a series of electric jolts thrashing her entire system. “I’d, um, like that Dusky.” The feel of him pressed into her body was enough to set tiny bottle rockets off in her brain. She’d just told him she wanted him.
     Dusky tipped her chin and brushed his lips across hers. As if sensing her openness, he pressed his tongue inside her mouth and explored the heady warmth of her newly found passion for him, for all of them. His masterful hands worked magic over her shoulders, grazing down her back to cup her buttocks.
     The length of his rock hard cock pressed against her stomach, Leesa moaned through his kiss. Every ounce of her being tingled with a feeling so explosive she was nearly blinded from his touch. Amazed that he could have such an impact on her body, she fell into the roar of passion that ignited both of them. Leesa was floored he could consume her so completely and she drank in everything he gave her. His tongue hit the back of her throat as the length of his dick told her exactly how he’d fill her as he drove into her tender flesh. His hips rocked back and forth across her belly and she shivered involuntarily as a tiny whimper escaped her mouth.
     Dusky broke the kiss and slid his hand around to the front of her, easing his fingers up to the swell of her breasts. Teasing with one finger, he glided his fingertip across her rock hard bud until she moaned. “I want you.” He crushed her mouth again, tipping her head back as their tongues entwined.
     From somewhere behind her she heard the scattered cries of the other men who sat in shock. This was not her normal behavior.
     Dusky kept the kiss going as her dragged one leg to wrap around his.
     “Dusky.” The sensations that rushed through her body threatened to drop her to the floor. She broke the kiss before the song was over for fear of dragging him onto the rug and ripping his clothes off. “God. Oh…God.” Leesa held the kiss with the back of her hand, capturing the feeling, holding on to her lust.
     Dusky smiled and grabbed her hand, forcing her still for another moment, a mere sliver in time. “You’re a fabulous kisser. I could do that all night. If you’d allow me woman, I promise to make you feel so good.” His eyes were so full of honest need they both knew what could happen.
     Every part of her craved the man and she wanted to beg him to kiss her all night, sliding his long tongue across every ounce of her body. Leesa grasped onto his chiseled arms and resisted the urge to steal another kiss as she caressed the outside of his thumb with hers. It was such a discerning touch. The utter silence in the room drowned out the intense wave of the lightening crash. Succumbing to a haze of fear and inhibition, she stumbled back to the couch.
     Mark remained standing and staring. Blinking several times, he adjusted his pants in front of them all. With quiet discord, he whistled and poured himself another drink, his hands so shaky tiny droplets eased over the side of the heavy glass.
     Kaydyn stared at her flushed face and shook his head. “That was sinful, guys. Sinful.” He wiped his brow and smoothed his shaking hand against his damp shirt. Reaching for his drink, he patted the seat beside him.
I hope you enjoyed and it gives you a few wicked ideas of your own.
Kisses   xxx



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