Six Sentence Sunday

Hi everyone.

I’m so sorry I missed last week’s Six Sentence but this week I’m hoping to be back on form. This week we are returning to Clifford Arbor, my little fictional town. One because I love my town that goes my way (most of the time) but because this is seeing the editing stage.


She squeezed her knees together trying to stem the flow. 
Where the images and thoughts invaded her weak brain, her body followed.
These two men were going to be the death of her. 
Her nipples pressed against the old baggy bed shirt she wore grazing the material. 
Her stomach sucked itself in as she waited trying to fight the urge to press her hand between her thighs. 
She shouldn’t need to pleasure herself again surely? 
Thank you to everyone that stops by. I hope you enjoyed it.

33 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. caseamajor says:

    Maybe she just needs someone else to pleasure her. Although it sounds as if she is doing fine on her own. Nice job, Sam.

  2. Hopefully there’ll be someone else to help her out. Just curious, but what did you mean by her having a weak mind? Easily influenced by visuals? If so, I’m sure I have the weakest mind out there!!!

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