Guest: Sara Thacker

I want to thank Sam for having me on her blog. I’m Sara Thacker and I write thrillers.
My first love in writing is suspense and thrillers. Recently I finished updating Smooth Lies released it on Amazon and other outlets for $0.99. In Smooth Lies Sophia Henley’s life is in danger in her own home. The only way she can survive is to run from her husband. But can she be sure he really is her husband? Sophia escapes to find that her real husband is still alive. After being dumped and left for dead in the Black Sea, Jake Henley is out to retrieve something his CO stole and to save Sophia.
In Red Skhye in Morning Delanie Skhye is trying to have some free time on a private island. That is until a killer targets her. In Murder Stalks, Tony and Marissa have to outsmart the killer to escape certain death.
In all of my suspense books the killer or bad guy always gets it in the end. I like the justice of writing mysteries. I love the way my hero or heroine gets to serve up a tray of justice to the bad guys. It’s fulfilling to see the bad guys punished.
In real life justice isn’t always achieved. There are still people who take advantage of others and get away with it. Slumlords take advantage of their tenants, robbers don’t get caught and murders are left to walk around without seeing punishment. But injustice goes much deeper than what we see on the surface in our sterile USA world. We see injustice as undeserving people having nicer cars or bigger houses. Or a coworker who doesn’t work as hard as we do and somehow gets a raise or a bonus only because they’re good at kissing butt. But those are minor inequalities that don’t mean much in the full scheme of life.
What I’m talking about in terms of injustice are those people who are sold into slavery or stolen into slavery and forced to work in horrible conditions. Few people want to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth about slavery in today’s world. Many women, girls and young boys are taken by evil people and made to work in despicable conditions.
It’s uncomfortable to read books about people being taken advantage of. Many publishers won’t publish any books that include any sexual act with a minor, so many authors totally ignore the subject of teen prostitution, child slavery and kidnappings, not because they don’t want to write about the issues but so few publishers will publish anything that controversial out of fear of offending someone.
So what can you do? Being aware of the problem is important. If you don’t know about an issue how can you help? International Justice Mission was started fourteen years ago to help those people who can’t help themselves. They’ve had tremendous success in curbing slavery in many third world countries. There is still loads of work to be done. But not everyone can help out directly with the IJM offices or go into DC to volunteer in their offices.
There are many other ways you can help. You can give time or money to help the homeless in your community. Or maybe your passion is for babies that need help. All children in the foster system need a child advocate on their side to speak for them in court. If you don’t have time then a few dollars a month can help. You don’t have to give tons of money, maybe just your loose change gathered up every day and tossed into a jar.
Because I love the work that IJM does I’ve decided that all of the proceeds from the re-release of Smooth Lies will go to support International Justice Mission. I believe in IJM’s mission and their values. I hope that you will help me support IJM by purchasing a copy of Smooth Lies and enjoy the read.
Having someone to speak for those who have no voice is important. Your purchase of Smooth Lies will put money in the hands of lawyers who are working to free slaves and improve the lives of children and adults who are trapped in slavery. Thank you for your support. You can visit my website to find out more information.
Thank you for being on my site today.

Guest: Kelly Yeakle

Hello and welcome Kelly to my site. She has so graciously agreed to be interviewed. 
So lets begin…
1) First, tell us a little about yourself so the readers know who you are?
Well, I’ve been on the published author scene for a little over a year now. I have three books in circulation and two short stories coming out this fall/winter. My favorite color is green, I live for chocolate, and Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are my guilty pleasure.
SC: I’m new this year lol. And I eat green sweets. 
2) What made you decide to write? Was it something you accidentally began?Or what you wanted to do? Or annoying character who refused to leave until their story was told?  
I have always enjoyed reading and writing, but it wasn’t until my late twenties that I started taking my writing seriously. I spent an entire summer writing a novel once in the first person point of view and then again in third person. I got introduced to a site called Textnovel where you can post tidbits or whole chapters of your writing and when I started getting really good feedback about my posts, I got serious and started seeking out publishing houses.
SC: Thank you 🙂
3) I love hearing about first acceptances as an aspiring writer and now that I am e-published, I still love hearing about them. So tell us about that first acceptance.
Being a totally new author on the scene, I followed a friend and subbed to a brand new e-pub, Decadent Publishing, with a dream and lots of hope in my heart that they’d love my story. Within two weeks after I sent my novel off, I received word that they wanted it! I think I lost my voice after calling everyone I knew and screaming into the phone. The first acceptance was grand, but every time I get a YES from a publisher, the feeling of sheer satisfaction fills me 🙂
SC: Really is a wonderful experience. 
4) Tell us about your current release? Where can readers buy it from?
My current release is Forbidden Desires, a lesbian romance. It is the first attempt at writing f/f for me, and the first one to hit the shelves at Evernight Publishing. It’s basically what the title says, a story of forbidden desire between two women, one who is involved in a relationship that is heading down hill and the other a commitment phobic who has yet to meet the woman who can claim her heart. Readers can buy it directly from the publisher at or even find it on Amazon, though it’s better for the author when you purchase directly from the publishing house. 🙂
SC: Excellent, hear that readers 🙂 go and buy it lol 
5) What are you currently writing?
Currently I’m working on a holiday short called Santa’s Little Helper that I hope to have in Evernight’s Stockings and Suspenders holiday anthology. I’m also working on two shorts for another project I cannot disclose at this time, but know that it’s gonna be phenomenal! Then I’ve begun another full length f/f called Sinful Desires which will go somewhat along with Forbidden Desires, different characters and story, but lots of hot f/f action J which I hope to submit before the end of this year.
SC: Sounds like you are busy and Santa’s little helper sound naughty 🙂 
6) What inspires you most when you write?
Music is a big inspiration for me. I love to put on a good playlist and just write what the music makes me feel.
SC: 🙂
7) What experiences have you had working with your publisher/s? I’ve had good experiences working with publishers. Both of my current publishing houses have been very awesome to work with from acceptance to finished product. The covers are amazing, the editors fabulous, and the final product so worth all the hard work 🙂
SC: Love getting covers and then it’s like wow, that is my cover for my book.
8) What are you reading now?
I am currently reading Echos At Dawn by Kathleen Ann Gallagher.
9) What are your guilty pleasures?
Guilty Pleasures….Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Chocolate, and Body Lotions
10) What would be your advice, if any, for other aspiring authors? Never let anyone stop you from achieving your dream. One publishing house’s rejection could be another’s acceptance. Sometimes it’s about finding the right fit for a story!
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I love to get feedback from readers and to make new friends, so be sure to add me on Facebook to see what I’m up to. Also you can check out my website, follow me on twitter KYeakle27, and sometimes I blog over at


When Dani meets the delicate beauty that is Carmen she knows instantly that she wants her—in her life and in her bed. But can Miss. Commitment-phobic look beyond the sex to see the woman beneath?To Carmen, the wildly beautiful Dani is a new and exciting friend. What she hadn’t counted on is the simmering desire she feels when in Dani’s presence. As her relationship with her boyfriend sours, Carmen begins to wonder if there is more to Dani than she realizes.Should she give in to this, the most forbidden of desires?


She gave him a few minutes before she approached with the envelope. As she walked the short distance from the living room to the kitchen, she pulled the dinner certificate from the envelope and laid it on the table beside him.
“What’s this?” he asked, barely looking up from the paper.
“I won the raffle at work yesterday, and thought we could have date night tonight.” Carmen smiled as she waited for him to pay her some real attention. “Dinner at Carlito’s, followed by a movie at the Cineplex.”
“I can’t.” David folded the paper, laid it on the table, and then focused his attention to her. “I’m covering for another guy at work tonight.”
Carmen frowned. “David you work all the time. When do we get to have a night together?”
“We have every night together.” He patted her hand as she reached to pick up the gift certificate from the table.
Carmen let a frustrated sigh escape her lips. “Yeah, we get to sleep in the same bed, but I mean when do we actually get to spend some time together like a real couple?” 
“Carmen, we’ve been over this.” David ran a hand through his hair. “A few more months and things will get back to normal.” He took her hand in his. “If you can just be a little less selfish right now, the end result will be something worth waiting for.”
“I’m being selfish.” Carmen laughed with sarcasm in her voice. “Wow, you are such an ass.” She pulled her hand from his grasp and walk to the coat rack where she grabbed her jacket. She needed time away from the apartment, and away from David and his ego, before she said something she might regret.
Later in the evening, Carmen sat alone in her kitchen frowning into a bowl of chicken noodle soup. It was a far cry from the full buffet at Carlito’s, but David’s job and his attitude had prevented them once again from sharing a night out together, and there was no way she was going to dinner alone. She tossed her spoon hard into the bowl out of frustration and groaned as liquid splashed onto the table. She shoved her chair back away from the table and got up to pace by the window.
She was restless, and in dire need of a night out with real food that didn’t come from a box or can and some adult conversation. She looked down at her watch and frowned. It was almost seven on a Saturday night and most of her friends waited tables or tended bar until much later in the evening. David had left hours before and with nothing better to do, Carmen pulled her school bag from the closet and sat on the sofa to leaf through her notes from the first week of classes. If she couldn’t have fun, at least she could get ahead in her assignments. Though she was failing in her relationship with David, school was one area she excelled in.
A piece of paper fell into her lap when she opened her math book, and Carmen remembered the friendly girl who sat in front of her. She picked up the small square and ran it between her fingers, toying with the idea of calling her. Although she’d spent most of her life on the shy side, Carmen thought Dani seemed like a generally friendly woman and it was never too late to break a trend. With David’s ambivalent attitude about putting her first in his life anymore, it was time she found other ways to spend her free time.
She picked up the phone and dialed the number quickly, not giving herself the chance to lose the nerve. “Here goes nothing,” she said aloud to herself as she hit the green talk button. The shrill sound of ringing came through the earpiece and she’d almost given up on getting an answer when a perky voice answered.
Carmen took a deep breath. “Dani?”

Guest: Tristram La Roche

Hello and welcome Tristram La Roche to my site. He has so graciously agreed to be interviewed.
So let’s begin...

1) First, tell us a little about yourself so the readers know who you are?

I’m a British author, born in London at the start of the Swinging Sixties and dragged all over Europe as a child thanks to my father’s work. As an adult I’ve lived most of my life in London but also many years in Italy and France. I actually know Europe better than Britain. I was married and have a grown up son, and went through a traumatic ‘coming out’ in my thirties. I’ve been with my partner for fourteen years and we are ‘official’. I’m now a full-time author but have worked in yacht charter, design and real estate management.
2) What made you decide to write? Was it something you accidentally began? Or what you wanted to do? Or annoying character who refused to leave until their story was told?
I always felt it nagging away at the back of my mind but never did anything about it. There came a point when I hated my work so much that throwing it all in the air and having a go at writing came naturally. So in a way it was accidental, there was no long term plan, but at the same time nature took over and railroaded me into it. I think this is what I was always meant to do. Finally, I’m doing it.
3) I love hearing about first acceptances as an aspiring writer and now that I am e-published, I still love hearing about them. So tell us about that first acceptance.
In a way it was all rather sudden. I wrote On My Knees, chose one publisher to send it to and it was accepted. Then I was stunned for a few days. I went around in a daze. Publication day was nerve racking, wondering if it would sell. I couldn’t stop smiling when it rose into the Kindle bestseller listings (and it’s still there!).
4) Tell us about your current release? Where can readers buy it from?
My latest novella is called Lorenzo il Magnifico. It’s about an under-achieving guy, Luke, who is desperate for better things. He goes to Florence, a city I know well, for a break and to begin studying for a master’s degree so that he can further his career. Whilst there he meets Lorenzo and things begin to change. Lorenzo il Magnifico is available from Evernight Publishing, Amazon, All Romance E-Books, Bookstrand, Smashwords and 1placeforromance (I’m sure there are other sites, too).
5) What are you currently writing?
An historical MM set around 450AD involving the Romans and the Huns. It needs a lot of research to get the settings and events right. I’m really enjoying it, since ancient Rome and European history interest me enormously.
6) What inspires you most when you write?
Real life. I draw on my experiences all the time. If I feel numb, some classical music or opera, or perhaps a really good film, will light my fire.
7) What experiences have you had working with your publisher/s?
I’m pleased to say all good. I love the editing process, the backing and forthing chewing over ideas and trying to find the exact word or phrase. And I love seeing the cover art for the first time.
8) What are you reading now?
The Weaverfields Heir by David Bridger. I’m about a third in and really enjoying it. It’s a paranormal family saga, a bit out of the ordinary for me, but Bridger is a great writer.
9) What are your guilty pleasures?
Good wine (especially Bollinger) and food. I don’t eat much of it, but chocolate is another. Oh, and nice cars.
10) What would be your advice, if any, for other aspiring authors?
Be prepared for hard work and don’t give up. If you feel you can do it, get on and knuckle down. Read and read and read. You can’t write if you don’t read.
This is for you to talk more about yourself, leave your blogging details, site details and generally promote yourself.
I have a website at  and I am always happy to hear from my readers. I can also be found on
My next release is called Fixed! and should be out in September. Naturally, I’ll tweet about it and post updates on my site.
Thanks for having me and good luck!
Tristram will be giving one lucky Commenter a free e-copy of his book so please don’t hesitate to comment.
Blurb for Lorenzo il Magnifico:
When Luke visits Florence he hopes it will be the start of a new chapter in his life. A chance meeting with a tall, handsome waiter and that chapter starts far sooner than he could ever have imagined.Lorenzo is everything Luke has been looking for. Hot, sexy and uninhibited, he pushes buttons Luke never knew existed. But Luke lives in England, Lorenzo in Florence, and the time soon comes for them to part… Can this holiday fling become more than just sex? Can it, in fact, turn into a magnificent romance?
Here’s an Excerpt from Lorenzo Il Magnifico:

Luke stood at the center of the room with his mouth gaping. “It’s huge.”

“Yeah, think how much it’s going to cost me to get it as I want it,” said Lorenzo, raising the shutters half way. The glow from the street lights fanned out across the parquet floor.

“I love it. But why did you buy something so big?”

“I didn’t buy it. I inherited it from my grandmother.”

Luke knew about the strange Italian inheritance laws. With Lorenzo’s mother already dead, the flat would pass to the grandchildren. “You don’t have brothers or sisters?”

Lorenzo shook his head, walked up to Luke and wrapped his arms around his waist.

“An only son. You must have been spoiled,” said Luke, returning the gesture and tucking his thumbs into Lorenzo’s waistband. His shirt was damp in the small of his back and he smelled of the restaurant.

“Are you going to spoil me?”

“Ruin you.” Luke slipped his tongue between Lorenzo’s lips and went for his tonsils, tearing at his clothes. Lorenzo pushed him back. “What’s wrong?”

“Let’s go to bed.

Guest: Lilith Duvalier

Hello and welcome Lilith Duvalier to my site. She has so graciously agreed to be interviewed. 
So let’s begin...
1) First, tell us a little about yourself so the readers know who you are? 
I’m a little ridiculous. In my group of friends I’m the one who is always met with “That would only happen to you” after I tell a story. I’m the girl who sends text messages in the middle of that day that say things like:
“Two feet of my ceiling just fell down” or 
“At my coffee shop. Spent a minute checking out a beautiful guy across the street before realizing that he is my ex-boyfriend from three years ago” or
“Got lost on the bus. Cold and Hungry. In a part of town with no English signs. Getting off at the first place that serves “sopa”. Be prepared to Google map me.”
When I’m not being ridiculous I’m looking for a job because I just moved back to the big city after two excruciatingly dull years in a small town and now I need to be able to afford things. Like fun.
2) What made you decide to write? Was it something you accidentally began? Or what you wanted to do? Or annoying character who refused to leave until their story was told?  
I write compulsively. I’ve always carried a notebook around. All of the notebooks for my dull classes in college have more notes for the story I was working on at the time in them than they do notes for the class. I started buying fancy hardcover notebooks for different stories, and I have five separate ones right now.
I always have a story in progress, to the point where it’s not even something that I think about anymore. I don’t think I’ve ever sat down with the intention of starting a story. I start a story while I’m grocery shopping or driving, and then later I sit down to get as much of it written down as I can before I forget what I plotted out earlier. 
3) I love hearing about first acceptances as an aspiring writer and now that I am e-published, I still love hearing about them. So tell us about that first acceptance.  
“The Promise of Silk” is my first erotic novella. Evernight was my first choice for a publisher because I wanted an Evernight cover. I spent days on the query letter and synopsis. I even had a friend of mine read it over lunch. She apparently hadn’t expected the synopsis to be as graphic as it was. 
I submitted on a Sunday night, went over to a friend’s house to watch True Blood and after promising myself I was not going to compulsively check my email, I actually got accepted before dinner on Monday.
4) Tell us about your current release? Where can readers buy it from? 
My current release is called “The Promise of Silk”. It’s a BDSM Steampunk novella about an airship pirate who meets up with a courtesan at an illegal carnival in the English country side. It’s higher heat level than I usually write, and it was a lot of fun to just go dirty and not worry about it. It was also fun to go through some of the BDSM tropes and recontextualize them into a steampunk setting.
“The Promise of Silk” is available at, and will also be available at Amazon, Bookstrand, and All Romance E-books.
5) What are you currently writing? 
I’m currently working on an m/m historical western romance about a couple of ranch hands who fall in love. After something happens to the ranch, they become bandits, but they are terrible at it, and it becomes a romantic comedy. 
6) What inspires you most when you write? 
The one thing that really inspires me to put off dishes or laundry and just sit and write is a rain storm or a blizzard. But as far as developing stories, I usually just get an image or a scene in my mind. Sometimes it’s completely out of nowhere, sometimes I can see the echoes of the last few songs I heard or the last movie I saw in it. I usually take that idea and write that, and then find the story that I need in order to get to that scene. 
7) What experiences have you had working with your publisher/s?
I’m a debut author with Evernight Publishing, so this is my only experience with publishing. They’ve been really great. I love my cover art, and every step of the process has been efficient and timely. The best part about Evernight is that they’ve developed a community of authors that is really supportive and wonderful.
8) What are you reading now? 
Right now I’m re-reading Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods, which is this great fantasy satire on religion, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
9) What are your guilty pleasures? 
Buying clothes. Fancy tea. Going to a movie on the weekend when the tickets are so much cheaper during the week. I’m currently unemployed so all forms of spending money are guilty pleasures. 
10) What would be your advice, if any, for other aspiring authors? 
Just write. Find anything you want to write about and just put words on paper. Fanfic is a great way to experiment with characterization and form and find an audience willing to critique you. It’s a great way to figure out how to string characters together into a plot. It’s also fun and gives you a writing community that can be hard to find, especially if you live in a small town. 
This is for you to talk more about yourself, leave your blogging details, site details and generally promote yourself. 
My Website:
An airship pirate who ran away from his soul crushing London life, finds himself at an infamously decadent carnival out in the English countryside. A fellow pirate does his best to convince him to go and sample the lovely women of The Row, but Buck isn’t sure he ever wants a woman again.
That is until a mysterious woman in a red dress and mask sits down across from him, entrancing him instantly. He follows her back to her red silk tent, where she puts him through his paces, whetting his appetite for more erotic delights. Each time he returns, she brings him further beyond his boundaries, while learning that he can help her break her bonds.


A small white hand appeared to one side of the tent flap and pulled it aside. The masked woman stood, still and silent, with the red silk of the tent flap draped over her arm. She said nothing.
She did look like a demon now, with deep shadows carved into the ruches of her dress by the far off carnival lights, her mask rising over her head like devil’s horns. Buck hesitated under her stony gaze, and then, with a gulp, he stepped out of the light and into the black interior of the tent.
A spicy, sweet smell filled his lungs the instant he stepped inside. He wondered why he hadn’t been able to smell it from the outside but continued in, shuffling carefully in the darkness. The woman walked behind him, the fabric of her dress making a soft sound as it moved over the ground.
“Who are you?” he asked. She didn’t answer. There was a light scraping noise and a match flared in the darkness, illuminating her face and throwing the edges of her mask into sharp relief. She lit a candle, shedding light on nothing more than a stretch of red silk and the corner of a table, then stepped forward and lit another candle, bringing a muddled shape of something standing on the table into view. She walked farther into the room, lighting another candle every few steps. Buck stood by the tent opening, heart throbbing as though he were still running. Bit by bit, the room came into view.
A rug was spread out over most of the bare ground, grass peeking around the edges of it. A large wooden box sat on top of it, occupying the entire middle of the tent. A small wooden vanity, with a large round mirror attached, stood against the back wall, directly across from the box. A few trunks were neatly arranged in a corner. The table with the statue of the woman on it, incense burning in front of it like it was an Eastern idol, was near the tent entrance.
The Red Lady stood across from Buck, eyes drilling  into him just as they had at the pub.
“Tell me your name.” Her voice was soft, deep, and steady.  It was like a river speaking.
She tilted her head, the corners of her mouth tipping upward in contrast to the dripping points of her mask. “Tell me your real name.”
“Alaric,” Buck admitted. He hadn’t used it since that last day at the factory. Alaric was a clerk and a doormat. Buck had some status, even if it was only among criminals. He had gone out of his way to make sure none of his fellow pirates ever found out he wasn’t called Buck. Not that pirates bothered about a man’s real name.
The Red Lady’s expression returned to blank beneath the mask.
“What’s your name?” Alaric asked.
“I haven’t decided what you’ll call me yet.”
His heart beat picked up again, and a tremor started in his legs.
“Why did you follow me here, Alaric?”
He shrugged, not sure of the answer. “Well…this is The Row isn’t it?”
“It is.”
“And you’re a woman on the Row right?”
She didn’t reply. Alaric felt his face heating, a faint prickle starting in his cock despite it.  This was worse than in China, when that beautiful girl pretended to react to his clumsy fumbling and then tried not to laugh when he paid her for an hour and only lasted a handful of minutes.
“Look, my ship’s just back from a long tour. I can pay you.”
“We’ll see,” the Lady said, a small smile quirking her lips up. “You’ve accompanied a prostitute before?”
“Of course.” He pointed at himself with a touch of bravado. “Pirate.”
The Red Lady let a silence land there, stretching out before him.
“Just once.”
“It didn’t go well.”
Now she was reading his mind. He should go, simply turn around, leave, and never see a prostitute again. Maybe she really was a demon. Maybe the mask was hiding the demon parts of her face.
His mind was trying to move his limbs, turn his feet, push him out the door, but his body was entranced. The tremor in his legs climbed up to his groin, making him very aware of the way the dim candle light moved across her rounded body.
“Why didn’t it go well, Alaric?”
His mouth was starting to go dry. His hands were beginning to shake.
“She laughed at me,” he told her, dropping his eyes to the floor.
“Because I…I couldn’t,I didn’t…,” He stopped, gulped, wondered again what magic he had run across.
“Look at me when you speak, Alaric.”
He lifted his gaze up from the pattern of pomegranates running along the border of the red rug and met her shadowed eyes.
“I couldn’t…. I barely got inside her before….”
The Red Lady didn’t reply. Alaric suffered a terrible moment of fear she would throw him right back out of her tent and let him find a lower class prostitute who would welcome a quick trick like him between the carnival crowd.
“Fortunately, that won’t be a problem here,” the Red Lady told him, a smile spreading over her red lips. “Undo your trousers, Alaric.”