Guest: Amy Valenti

Vampires Again?

by Amy Valenti

Let’s talk about vampires! Sexy, brooding creatures of the night, craving your blood, fearing crosses and garlic and sunlight…
Okay, I’m bored now. Been there, done that, had a crush on Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer for years… It was fun at the time, but I can’t help but feel a little bit like it’s all been done before.
How about something more original, but still in the vampire ‘I must feed from you’ vein?
Let’s rewrite the rules a little!
Stay back.” Nick’s voice is sharp and commanding.
Lissa obeys without thinking. “What’s happening?”
“I can’t hold it back for much longer, and the closer you are, the sooner I’ll break.” The force-field between them is invisible, but it coats her skin, and his voice is a soft vibration through the molecules that separate them.
With a light shiver, she whispers, “What happens if you break?”
“Are you really willing to find out?”
She stays where she is; not testing him by moving forward, but not retreating, either. “Is it dangerous?”
He steps back another pace and turns from her, picking up one of the many disorganised files strewn on the desk. “Not if I can help it.”
The whole situation is so insane, and it isn’t an entirely reassuring answer. Lissa’s always believed in the paranormal, but she has no idea exactly what kind of paranormal she’s dealing with, here. Do you really wanna tangle with this guy?
The thing that confuses and thrills her most is that the answer is still ‘yes’. Half of her longing is curiosity, because what he did to her out there shouldn’t be possible. The other half is based purely on her racing pulse, the slight catch to her breath, the warm flush of her skin…
Tangle with him? That’s the PG-13 version of what she wants to do.
Before she can organise the chaotic tumult of her thoughts, a tremor runs through Nick’s body; slight, but visible. Could be a trick, Lissa thinks, but her intuition discards that thought. “Say I volunteered to give you what you needed. What would you take from me? Blood?”
“Energy.” His voice is so low that she has to strain to hear it. “Some; not all. Most people feel sleepy afterward, like they could use a coffee or a nap.”
He grits his teeth against whatever is happening to him, and Lissa frowns. “I know what you need, and you won’t take it from me. If it’s as safe as you’re saying it is, why not?”
Nick’s incredulous glance only lasts a second; abruptly, he flinches and closes his eyes, as though he’s in pain. “You’re volunteering?”
Lissa is moving through the prickling force-field before her brain can justify or protest against her judgment. When she gets close enough, she holds her hand out toward him. “Take it.”
His fingers close around her wrist in an almost bruising grip, pulling her closer before she has time to regret her decision. The same sensation that she experienced out in the club tingles through her, and she sways on her feet with a light gasp.
His warm hands steady her; one on her shoulder, the other on her waist. Disoriented, she gazes up into his intense blue eyes, her vision thinly veiled by flashing lights, the way it was the last time she fainted. His face is just inches from hers, and the impression of edgy hunger she’s been receiving from him is slowly ebbing away.
Her ears are ringing, her vision is tunnelling, and all of a sudden she’s cursing herself for putting her trust in this being, this… this not vampire she barely knows. She tugs at the draining bond between them, trying to wrench herself from his arms, but she’s too weak, too feeble, too human to resist him, and he doesn’t stop.
Back in March, my debut publication came out – it was named Shocked. It’s not around any more – the original publisher decided to become a self-publishing hub instead, and the rights were reverted to me.
I’ve rewritten it – it’s longer, sexier and more action-packed, and hopefully will be seeing a release with Total-E-Bound Publishing soon. However, I’ve decided to give away an e-copy of the original story to one lucky commenter, in PDF or RTF format – so if you want to find out how this one ends, leave me a comment for your chance!
You can find out more about me and grab some free reads at my blog, Electrifying Erotica. You can also follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook.
Big thanks to Sam Crescent for giving me a guest spot. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Guest: Amy Valenti

  1. Lisa Kait says:

    Well I am hooked!! Talk about a new take on vampires…, great Idea! I love to see fresh Ideas for mythical creatures…..and what better then a vampire. This sounds very sexy to…..thanks for sharing this Amy and Sam.

  2. Intriguing post, Amy. You got my attention right from the start mentioning Angel 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’m not alone is saying he’s my all-time favorite vampire – enough that I have all 5 seasons of his show on DVD. Your concept of vampires intrigues me, and worries me at the same time. We comfortably asssociate vampires with coffins, biting the neck, no reflection, no heartbeat and cold skin. If you take away all our pre-conceived notions about vampires what’s next? 🙂 Truthfully, your book sounds really interesting and I hope we see it at Totat-E-Bound soon. Good luck to you.

    Missy Martine

    • Amy Valenti says:

      Ahhh, Angel. Total classic. ;D

      Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it! I’m working off the theory that the vampire folklore is based on this close genetic cousin-species of humans, who have different hungers and perceptions from us, but are the same in most of the ways that count.

      I hope TEB will be up for publishing the longer version soon, too!

  3. I had a huge crush on Angel. If I had encountered him in real life, I would have exposed my neck. LOL Awesome excerpt. So what is Nick if he is non-vampire? I liked the out-of-box idea of this new paranormal being. Ummm sucking my energy and all I would need is a nap or coffee – I love both so guess I would give in to Nick too!

    • Amy Valenti says:

      Thanks, Brenda! He’s more some kind of energivore (eater of energy) than a bloodsucker, though he has a lot of human characteristics too.

      *grin* Naps and coffee are indeed wonderful things – and having a sexy man around wouldn’t be terrible, either. ;D

    • Amy Valenti says:

      Hey Lisa,

      I can’t find your email address on your profile… whether that’s me being unobservant, I have no idea! Can you email me at axvalenti (at) yahoo (dot) com?

      Sorry for the inconvenience!

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