Six Sentence Sunday

I didn’t know what to post this week and decided to alternate it between a, WIP and upcoming releases. This time I’m taking it from my Rebel Ink Press Christmas story titled, Healing Love at Christmas. I know it is early but I love Christmas 🙂

This is an unedited piece.

She didn’t see a cheating scoundrel.

She saw Jake.

She saw her husband and she loved him with all of her heart.

Her eyes watering from the onset of emotion.

He bent down and pressed a kiss to her lips.

Natasha responded.

34 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Kim Faulks says:

    From six tiny sentences, you left me wanting more. I could feel the emotion in your words and it is breathtaking.

  2. Oh, the potential heart ache conflict, the cheater, her husband, I need to know she is going to be ok. Fantastic six. Thank you.

  3. Luxie Ryder says:

    What a tease! Now I need to know if Jake IS a cheating scoundrel as well as the husband she loves! Great six 🙂

  4. So much emotion in so few words. I need to know why the cheating and why she loves him and ….well, I’ll have to buy the book, I guess. Great six!

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