Six Sentence Sunday

Last week I took six sentences from my upcoming release, Office Hours. Well, seeing as it is released tomorrow I thought I would add another six.

These six sentences are further along in the story. They are on a “team building” weekend. They have been talking and getting to know one another and right now they are stuck.

I hope you enjoy this six as much as you did the last:

“Don’t yell at—Ahh!” Too busy arguing, she slipped. At the same time, instinct took over and Nathan reached up to steady her, to stop her falling and hurting herself. His hand, palm side up, cupped her between the legs.

  “Oh.” Frozen, Anya could not help the heat pouring from her mound.
Time froze as sensation increased.

Available Monday 20th June at Total-E-Bound but you can pre-order it now:

25 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Oh, come on, Sam! Everyone knows those team building workshops are THE WORST. When I read the intro, I thought. Ugh. Team Building. But whoa! You sure made that one sound like something I could get a something out of!


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