Six Sentence Sunday

I’ve decided to take this week, as it has been my first release with Office Hours. I know this has been 3 weeks now but next week I’ll do something from my cougar story I’m working on, I promise :-).

    He took her hand, holding her close while she
    looked at the ceiling and he stared at the perfection of her             face.
    “You want me to give you a list?” she joked, squeezing his               hand.
   Nathan smiled at her light, teasing voice. “Yeah, it could turn  me on.”
“You’re insatiable.”
                                  “Only for you.”

Office Hours is Released

Office Hours has been released today and you can go and buy your copy at  Total-E-Bound (

Or if you stop by Nichelle Gregory’s site today and leave a comment you can be up for a free copy. Check it out on this link


Where you can learn more about me 🙂


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Six Sentence Sunday

Last week I took six sentences from my upcoming release, Office Hours. Well, seeing as it is released tomorrow I thought I would add another six.

These six sentences are further along in the story. They are on a “team building” weekend. They have been talking and getting to know one another and right now they are stuck.

I hope you enjoy this six as much as you did the last:

“Don’t yell at—Ahh!” Too busy arguing, she slipped. At the same time, instinct took over and Nathan reached up to steady her, to stop her falling and hurting herself. His hand, palm side up, cupped her between the legs.

  “Oh.” Frozen, Anya could not help the heat pouring from her mound.
Time froze as sensation increased.

Available Monday 20th June at Total-E-Bound but you can pre-order it now:

Acceptance and Book Cover

I’ve had another acceptance from Rebel Press Ink for a short Christmas Story. Really excited to be a Rebel author.

Right I want to share my brand new book cover. I want to introduce you to my brand new series Clifford Arbor. This is based in a fictional seaside town.

Clifford Arbor: The Seduction of Raven Peters


Harley Banks and Jackson Cole live in Clifford Arbor, a quaint seaside town where couples with three partners are the norm. The problem is, they’re missing their third. Hoping to find the woman meant only for them, Harley and Jackson embark on a ride of seduction as they try to convince their delectable new resident, Raven Peters, just how good life can be with two men.

Falling in love has never been so tasty and rarely does it happen so quickly. Can anyone say one week-romance? In Clifford Arbor, anything is possible and anything can happen. One-week in Clifford Arbor holds a lifetime of promise.


I just wanted to thank everyone who came by and commented on Six Sentence Sunday.

It was an amazing first round and I look forward to doing more. Right, Last night I got my cover art for, A Wild Older Woman.

This is for a contemporary cougar story, part of the hot flash line with Secret Cravings Publishing ( .

The release date at the moment it set around September but this can change at any time.

Here is my cover