The Countess’s Client By Alison Richardson

This is the first story from the Naughty Bits 3 anthology.

“The practice of genuine virtue leads to a life of odious boredom.”

So feels widowed young countess Anna von Esslin, who is denied her normal erotic pursuits while staying with relatives in Paris. Without her usual opportunities for pleasure, the countess resorts to visiting a local brothel–but not as a client. To get the satisfaction she craves, the countess must masquerade as one of the girls…. (blurb from the back of the book)

All of the stories in this anthology are short but Alison Richardson uses her words wonderfully. In this short tale you get emotion from the two main characters and the highly erotic intensity intended for the love scenes taking place. I thoroughly enjoyed this first erotic tale and anticipate the next to come.  This will be one of those stories I visit when I’m in the mood for a quick, highly satisfying erotic tale.

Thank you to Alison Richardson 🙂


So since I won my copy of Saskia Walker’s The Harlot, and I have to say it is an amazing book, I’ve since gone out and purchased another book.

To be honest I was drifting through the internet when I came across, Her Lord and Master by Jennifer Dale

Intrigued by this story I then went searching and found it in Naughty bits 3. This is an anthology of short stories taken by the Spice Briefs collection.

Their are in fact several stories before Her Lord and Master so I thought I’d post something on each story as I come to it.